Emma Watson Announced as the New Ambassadress of Lancome, Images from Photoshoot with Mario Testino (Updated)


Mar 15, 2011

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After posting a set of clues on her official Twitter account and a number of rumours last month, Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) officially was announced as the new face of Lancôme. Emma’s official website quoted the press release from the French beauty house as follows:

Lancôme is pleased to announce the arrival of Emma Watson as new ambassadress of Lancôme. “Thanks to her charm, romanticism and her incredible modernity, Emma Watson has become the icon of her generation. we are delighted by this new collaboration with Emma who brings a fresh spirit to Lancôme”, says Youcef Nabi, President of Lancôme International.

Emma also tweeted: “It starts with an L and ends with an E. I’m sure you have guessed the new face of Lancôme is me! :-)” The actress spent Monday in Paris working on her Lancôme advertising campaign with acclaimed photographer Mario Testino. Update: You can now find some of the behind the scenes photographs from that shoot at this link in our galleries.

33 Responses to Emma Watson Announced as the New Ambassadress of Lancome, Images from Photoshoot with Mario Testino (Updated)

Avatar ImageAnnaGrace says: Congratulations, Emma, and good luck!Avatar ImageChaseT says: That's so great for her!Avatar Imageweasleywannabe1997 says: Well, who knew that the little girl with the bushy hair would grow up to become an international fashion and beauty icon?! I feel like a proud auntie watching from afar. Congratulations, Emma. So glad to see doors opening for you!Avatar Imagesiena says: According to the PETA website, Lancome does animal testing. Now, is that really the kind of brand you wish to support, Miss Watson? I thought you wished to make ethical choices. There are plenty of prestigious brands out there that don't promote animal cruelty - Estee Lauder for instance - why not choose one of those? You have got money enough to make good choices, Emma !! I am disappointed in you.Avatar Imagemew5645 says: good luck Avatar Imagehrrypttrfn328 says: @siena that is the exact thing I thought when I read that. I will say that I am not the biggest fan of Watson, I would go so far as to say I do think she is a very good actress, but I was impressed with a lot of her choices until this. I never use Lancome products just for this reason.Avatar ImageHarrypotterultrafan says: Good luck Emma!! I must say that I thought you should be getting lead roles in movies, not lancome ads this early in your career :/ But whatever you choose to do, i will stick by you Emma !! :) you are my idol:DAvatar Imagekiwimci says: meh, I know she's got a career and all to think about but, the university thing halted followed by this news hmmm! Striking while the iron's hot I'd say. I think so far Dan's had the best choices. Oh and I do feel slightly guilty about judging where their careers are gonna go, but I'm genuinely interested were everyone will shoot off to the few years post Potter. And I KNOW those Weinstein pictures shouldn't have slightly disturbed me... but they did!Avatar Imagekbicprez says: There is a lot of conflicting information out there, but I also heard that Lancome does animal testing. If it’s true, I’m sorry Emma is promoting their products.Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: Congrats on the job!!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: It's not one of the best things that she has done, but congratulations!Avatar Imagecharlotte.granger says: Congrats to her on the job! :) she is my rome model for every choice she has made is wonderful! for example: staying in school, and people tree. However I do have something to say. First, what is Lancome. Second, if they do have animal testing, thats plain awful, however it does not change my liking for her or not. If she chose Lancome it is to follow in the footsteps of another actress, or it is because of another reason. I do not doubt her jugement, one bit, and it is not my place nor any one elses to juge her on that.Avatar Imagecharlotte.granger says: thank you, :)Avatar ImageFresca says: Perhaps lancome is trying to keep its products allergy free? I do not agree with animal testing but am grateful to any product that I can wear without developing a rash or blisters!Avatar Imagesiena says: I have to disagree with you, @charlotte.granger. We are exactly in the position to judge her - I would even say it is our duty - if Emma is promoting a brand and an attitude that is ethically irresponsible. Particularly because she emphasized in the past that she wished to make ethical choices wherever possible. I do know that this is not always possible. However, declining a contract with a firm should be very well possible for Emma, as she has the brains and the means to make different choices, to either not do an advertising job at all (she has money enough) or to promote a different, ethical brand. Avatar Imagesiena says: Other brands, @Fresca ROAR, do allergy testing - cruelty free. There are nowadays plenty of different methods for testing cosmetics. Other brands have proven this. There is no need for animal testing in the cosmetic industry. Avatar Imageladydars says: I'm not at all surprised - she is gorgeous! I'm dubious about the whole animal testing thing - I am sure that the question will be asked of her in future.Avatar ImageDavidTheUnready says: well done Emma, we all have made choices, some good, some bad, and while it is easy to point the finger there are few of us that do not use other products that at some stage were 'tested' to be safe, including medicines. Maybe being on the inside she can best use her influence to change how they do things at Lancome. If they still practice such things, the Internet can be notoriously out of date on a lot of things.Avatar Imagefloridianhp says: GOOD FOR HER :D! shes going to do great. Avatar ImageStephaniej says: she just can't stop being amazing!!!Avatar ImageMiss.Weasley says: She's just a beautiful, amazing, inspiring role model. I wish her all of luck and look up to her as the girl-who-played-Hermione! ;]Avatar Imagesiena says: @DavidThe Unready, the PETA website gets updated weekly to ensure a fair evaluation of the companies' policies. Yes, I am sure most of us took medicines in the past that was tested on animals. But medicines and cosmetics are completely different matters - as far as testing medicines goes, the development of alternative testing methods isn't as far developed as for cosmetics. Yes, most of us may have accidently bought some product that was at some point tested on animals. But Emma's commitment to Lancome is no accident. She chose to lend her face to the brand. She is employed to advertise, not to change the brand. I doubt that she will have any influence on the products at all. She lost her credibility in my opinion. She does not stand by what she said about trying to make ethical choices.Avatar ImageShinyPineapple says: You know what? She's got plenty of money. She could have survived without this job, or gotten a job working for a company that didn't test on animals. I'm extremely disappointed. Makeup, bloody hell, is not that important. It's not vital. It's a *decoration*! It's not like medicine- it doesn't save anyone's life! We should tweet her, all of us, telling her this. I thought she was so much better than this- supporting a company that puts awful chemicals in animals' eyes- they die you know. Little adorable bunnies with chemicals in their eyes, they break their backs and necks trying to escape the torture. Is that what she's working for? Yeah, it is. Avatar Imagered bull hats says: Great .I like this . http://www.hats-club.com Avatar ImageMischiefManaged404 says: She is so pretty. Good for her :)Avatar ImageHalfbloodPrince08 says: love erAvatar ImageFiniteincantatum says: That's great! She looks fresh. She's just the right girl for Lancome!Avatar Imagewanda1 says: I agree,sienna--this does not go with her fair trade/organic clothing marketing mix. There are several organic personal care companies that sell @ Whole Foods and other health food stores, that would love to have her promote their products. Not only do all these "dept store beauty house" companies, use animal testing, but they also contain lead, parabens, formaldehyde, and other toxic chemicals. Her words and actions clearly do not match on this choice. I think all her fans should tweet her on this, as it is our responsibility. I think this summer you'll see yet another instance, where her words/actions do not match.Avatar Imagesiena says: @wanda1, this is exactly what I am thinking too and why I am so angry with her now. She did this amazing job with PeopleTree - she went to the slums of Bangladesh, she opened her eyes to the horrible situation careless shopping on our part creates for those people who work for mainstream cloth manufacturers. She informed herself about fairtrade, and the enormous difference it makes for the lives of people. She combined this with her own intelligence and creativity to create a totally adorable fashion collection. And now this advertising for Lancome ... it is just so disappointing. As you said, there are so many organic, ethical brands out there that ARE just as fashionable as Lancome - if not more so, due to their guilty-free approach. It is just no fun buying stuff that's not ethical - and it is absolutely not necessary any longer, as there are so many different choices. I DO want to see Emma advertising - she looks fantastic, she is intelligent - but the right kind of brands that go with her proposal to make good choices.Avatar Imagekbicprez says: @siena, I'm really impressed with your arguments and I hope Leaky fans will take note of what you've said. This is a very important issue. There is no excuse for animal testing and the more people who know about it, the better. WELL DONE! Avatar ImagePotter_Puella says: I was quite curious to find out if Lancôme does really do animal testing..and I looked on the PETA website and couldn't find anything. I'm trying to give Emma the benefit of the doubt that she chose an ethical company to support...but if somebody could find a legitimate source link that I could go read, that would be awesome. Avatar ImagePotter_Puella says: Nevermind...I found this: http://www.peta.org/living/beauty-and-personal-care/companies/2660.aspx That makes me really sad :( I wonder if Emma is aware of this...Avatar ImageFarahey Sama Kabir says: I still don't get why she did that to her hair. I wonder if she regrets it.

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