Rupert Grint Joins UK’s Make Mine Milk Campaign


May 12, 2011

Posted by John Admin

Actor Rupert Grint was recently revealed as the latest spokesperson for the Make Mine Milk campaign in the U.K.

The Make Mine Milk campaign, “aims to wake the nation up to all that’s great about milk, reminding people that low-fat milk contains less than 2% fat, and being nutrient-dense, it’s also extremely healthy.”

A photo of the Ron Weasley actor sporting a milk mustache for the campaign has been sighted on buses around the U.K. and in national newspapers and magazines.

As for his own milk-drinking habits, Grint says:

“I come from a big family and my mom always made sure we had lots of milk to drink as kids. It’s low in fat, refreshing and good for you, and really tasty too. Nowadays I still have milk with cereal for breakfast and always try to pick up a milky cappuccino when I’m on set or on a photo shoot – it’s important to get your daily dose of milk.”

A video has also been released of Grint taking the Make Mine Milk challenge, in which he drinks a pint of milk in 20 seconds. Fans are encouraged to try and beat his time in order to win exclusive prizes!

Some behind-the-scenes photos of Grint’s campaign photoshoot have been added here to the gallery.

29 Responses to Rupert Grint Joins UK’s Make Mine Milk Campaign

Avatar Imageeliselestrange says: How awesome! :D I love that dude.Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Thats so cool! I wonder if I can drink milk that fast....maybe if it was chocolate milk!Avatar ImageMariaKeis says: Aww, he's so cute xD .. Plain milk is the best .. !Avatar Imagebutterbeer bottle says: Love Rupert, but I hate drinking straight milk. I laughed at "white magic."Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Way to go Rupert! Milk is wonderful, I have a glass ever day. Nice cold milk....yummy! :)Avatar ImageKoleda says: I have the urge for milk now. Haha! Always looking adorable Rupert. c:Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: I. WANT. MILK. NOW! But, Rupert, I take my daily dose of milk! I'm a good kid, right? =]Avatar Imagegaminette says: *cringe* Love, a VeganAvatar ImageLoki328 says: Does anyone else think that's the goofiest/most awesome picture ever? :PAvatar Imagesuzyweasley says: He looks kind of cute like that lol Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: I dont much like milk but i could do with chocolate milkAvatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: coolAvatar Imageowlsocks says: Maybe he should read The China Study or The Food Revolution before running out and telling people to dump that pus-filled, antibiotic cocktail down their throats. Geez. Why aren't intelligent people more informed?Avatar ImageAbbyWeasley says: Awesome! And I so agree undesirable1!Avatar Imagekiwimci says: So... Emma's got Lancome and Rupert's got milk! He does look really cute in those photo shoot pictures. Such lovely eyes and smile! Yeah this campaign is working I want milk!Avatar ImageEve13 says: Rupert Grint is so cute! I should try that contest!Avatar ImageXNymphadoraX says: I don't know how he can still look that hot with a milk mustache. It's just weird, no one else could do that. <3Avatar Imagelovelizzycriz says: Why is it always a milk mustache in a milk commercial? Avatar ImageTarana says: I wouldn't quite put it like that, but I sort of agree with Owlsocks. I've read something about it. Milk is only healthy for very young children. Ever seen a cow drink another cow's milk? Nope. They get their calcium from their greens (read: grass). And I won't even go into the fact the many people have an allergy for cow milk. Sorry Rupert, you're looking nice here, but I don't like this very misleading campaign. Make mine soymilk !Avatar ImageTarana says: P.S. I do like the reference to 'magic' :o)Avatar ImageAudrey Sunshine says: Honestly, though I love both Rupert and milk, this is a little disappointing. As a vegetarian, someone who is currently trying to stop eating dairy products, and someone who did a report on the meat industry last year, I only see this as the animal product industry trying to make money even though animal products are not actually very good for you and the abuse animals suffer (yes, milk cows, too!) is revolting. Avatar ImageGinnyPotter811 says: I see this ad all over London on the buses! fantastic!Avatar Imagesidnandragin says: I took a picture of it on a bus in London. Funniest thing was as soon as it passed me there was another bus going in the opposite direction with an advertisement of HP & DH part 1! Classic! Rupert's picture is EVERYWHERE! it is on all the buses. You just cant miss him. Avatar Imageiloveronweasley16 says: He makes me wanna go drink some milk!!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Cow milk is no good for humans...Avatar ImageMiss.Weasley says: LOVE and support what he's doing! He's such a funny guy!Avatar ImageCarol Carvalho says: I still like him and he looks adorable.... but it is kind of dissappointing to see this. Everytime I see one of these "milk campaign" I cringe... Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: It's true that there are down sides to the dairy industry, and obviously it's out of the question for all the people with lactose intolerance. But when you consider the insane volume of soda, with no nutritional value whatsoever, that's consumed by the vast majority of young people, drinking more milk would definitely be a step up. The demographic that would respond to an ad with Rupert Grint in it is exactly the group that needs to reduce its consumption of sweet carbonated beverages. So I applaud Mr. Grint's decision to participate in this ad campaign - even though people do need to be more aware of what goes on behind the barn doors of big agribusiness.Avatar Imagemoglet says: Good points WeenyOwl, and if anyone is worried about things like antibiotics etc in milk, it is possible to buy organic milk. The treatment of dairy cattle is something to think about, but the cows that I've seen on a regular basis at a farm that we pass, are out grazing on good grass and we see them coming in and out of the field at times on their way to and from milking and they are relaxed, and look in very good condition. The supermarkets don't pay the farmers a good price for their milk, that is something which needs addressing, as that in itself may have an influence on many things in the dairy industry, including welfare.

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