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Leaky's Dear Mr Potter Daily Giveaway: Day Two

Posted by: Rosi
June 22, 2011, 06:25 PM

For day two of Leaky's Dear Mr. Potter Daily Giveaway leave the answer to the following question in the comments: who was your favourite character when you first started the Harry Potter series and how has that changed (if it has) over the years? A quick reminder that this contest is open to registered Leaky members who can be contacted via their MyLeaky profiles, are over age of 13, and who are resident in the United States. Over the next four days we'll be giving away one copy of Dear Mr. Potter: Letters of Love, Loss, and Magic each day to a lucky commenter.

Leave your answers below, and good luck!

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30 Points

My favorite character was Hermione, always has been. She is just so perfect, not caring about anything people have to say, unless they’re complimenting her. I’m glad she becomes more confident along the way, she’s an amazing person. I love her, I wish I was her. She’s wonderful. Ron is lucky to have her as a wife, and everyone she knows is lucky to be related to her or a friend of hers. I really like how JK Rowling developed Hermione so well, she needed that extra consideration to be the character that she is now. I also think that without Hermione, there wouldn’t be Harry Potter, because she has saved him and Ron’s butts countless times and deserves everything that she’s earned for herself. Wow, that was really long. Sorry, whoever reads this. I really love her.

Posted by TheKeyWithMe on June 22, 2011, 11:45 PM report to moderator
33 Points

My favorite character is Hermione. She is a character that I have believed to grown the most. She started off as a sassy but smart little girl with no friends. She was annoying and sometimes rude, but quickly learned that “books and cleverness” wasn’t everything. She knew that she would have to change if she wanted friends. She grew up into a woman who doesn’t take crap from bullies like Draco Malfoy and she uses her smarts to help Harry. I think she is Harry’s most valuable asset while on his on going journey to stop the Dark Lord. She was never tempted to cross the line between right and wrong, even when at school, unless it was for the greater good. Now, in the most recent books and movies, we see Hermione as a tough girl who stands by her friend’s side, even if it means watching the one she loves walk away from them. She is loyal as a dog and her knowledge never stops coming in handy. She is a quick thinker and now a very good dueler who isn’t afraid to fight for what she believes in

Posted by EmmaWatsonIsHott on June 22, 2011, 11:46 PM report to moderator
27 Points

From the very beggining, my favorite character has been Hermione. She is a loyal friend, who, no matter the situation, will always stand by you. Through times of trouble she has been the rock for the famous trio, and has gotten them out of so many dangerous corners. She is clever and quick witted, with a slight attitude, which many people can relate too. I think her relatability is what draws draws so many readers to her. As I grew up with the series, so too did Hermione grow up and as she did this, my liking for her continued to grow. From start to finish, no character can possibly beat Hermione Jean Granger!

Posted by trumpetgurl95 on June 23, 2011, 12:02 AM report to moderator
43 Points

Harry. It’s been Harry since the first moment I saw him. I’m one of those “odd” fans, in a way, b/c I first became a fan after taking my daughter to see the first film. Friends and relatives had been trying to get me to read the books, but I was in graduate school and thought I didn’t have time. After I saw the film for the second time, I told my daughter, “Okay, bring me the books.”. I’ve been an HP nut ever since ;-). And I still love Harry the most. His courage; his imperfections; his sense of humor, even when things are dark; his endless, selfless love, even though he was so deprived of it himself for so long; and his ability to keep going, even after all he’s been through, even to being such a wonderful father to his own kids — all of those things and more are the things I loved about Harry in PS/SS, and what I still love about him now, all these years since his defeat of Voldie :-)

Posted by Sherylyn on June 23, 2011, 12:08 AM report to moderator

It was, and will always be Charley. I even tried dying my hair red once. Let’s just say it did not go so well.

Posted by allprostar31 on June 23, 2011, 12:08 AM report to moderator
20981 Points

From the very beginning it’s always been Hermione. She was the cutest, smartest, most level headed person I had ever read about. And she was only 11! Hermione was, and is, the hight of girl power. She can do what the boys can do and do it bettter nine times out of ten. Over the years she has grown into a wonderful role modle for all girl and has show what true friend ship is. Plus we all know that if it wasn’t for Hermione Harry would never has gotten as far has he did, not only in his hunt for Horcurxes but also in school. Hermione Granger was the real power behind the thrown when it came to the boys. She may be fictional but she’s been a friend to all of us over the past ten years. )

Posted by LunaLuver on June 23, 2011, 12:14 AM report to moderator
29 Points

Severus Snape has always been my favorite character from beginning to end. I always knew there was something incredible that he was hiding behind that ominous exterior. He always had something misterious about him that made me want more. The best part was when they cast Alan Rickman to play him. As a huge Alan fan, I always heard his voice when reading the books. Over the course of time, I grew to love Bellatrix as well. She is just so deliciously evil. There is something about the way that she blindly follows the dark lord that is fascinating. As far as “happy” characters go, my favorite has always been McGonigal. The strength with which she guides the students, the determination, and the kindness are unmatched by the others. She is the rock behind gryffindor. As a teacher myself, it always is my goal to have McGonigal’s sharpness as well as her heart of gold that the kids know that she has… with a little bit of Snape’s exceptional wit thrown in.

Posted by quinnringo on June 23, 2011, 12:21 AM report to moderator

For me it’s Hermione. I was able to relate to her right away as the ‘nerdy book loving’ girl, who didn’t care what others thought of her, but deep down did a bit. If anything I love her character even more. As with all of the characters, Hermione has grown up in many ways, becoming stronger both in knowledge and in understanding about the world around her and not just the world in her books. She is more accepting and not as quick to judge others, as she did in the first book. I would love to see her as an adult (hint hint at possible novels for Rowling to write or Harry Potter FanFiction….)

Posted by Patricia.McKelvy on June 23, 2011, 12:37 AM report to moderator
27 Points

When I first started reading the Harry Potter Series my favorite character, like most other people, was Harry Potter himself. I was just so intrigued by his life story and how he persevered throughout life. I loved that he was so talented in magic and everything else. As the story progressed my liking of Harry only increased. He was always so braved, and although Hermione always had the brains, it was Harry that always conjured up the most difficult spells. He was into the action and I just loved the way he was able master his Patronus. Overall, Harry, has and will forever remain my favorite character.

Posted by murillo3193 on June 23, 2011, 12:54 AM report to moderator
42 Points

When I first started reading the books, Harry was my favorite character. After all, he’s the first character we meet; not to mention the main character. In the first book I’ve always loved experiencing the Wizarding World for the first time with him. Jo’s created such a vast world that it still amazes me when I try to take it all in. However, as soon as we met Ron, I knew that we were going to have a lot in common. I was never very good in school and being lower down in the sibling chain (I’m the youngest) we tended to struggle to find ourselves. Of course I still loved Harry and Hermione, and I loved growing up with them, but I always had a harder time identifying them. Watching Ron deal with his problems in the wizarding world made me see that I could deal with these same issues in the muggle world. We are both forgetful and clumsy, not to mention we show embarrassment easily (blushing) but I like to think we share a lot of good qualities as well. We’re both very loyal friends, for example. I think Hermione really brings out the best in him, even though it took them forever to truly admit it to themselves. I’ll love Ron forever.

Posted by apkr42 on June 23, 2011, 01:20 AM report to moderator
31 Points

There are so many characters to Love in this series, it’s hard to chose just one or two. But, I do have a few that I do care about deeply. Harry is Harry what isn’t there to love about him. I have enjoyed watching him grow up through the books and in the movies. Next would be Hagrid, Hedwig, Dobby, Snape, Sirius, Lupin & the Weasley Family would be the other characters that I care about and love as well. Each of them have a special meaning to Harry and have brought a lot of joy and love into his life. Each care about Harry in their own way and there isn’t anything none of them wouldn’t do for him.

Posted by Hedwig23 on June 23, 2011, 02:01 AM report to moderator

When I first started reading Harry Potter my favorite character was Ron. He wasn’t the richest or most popular kid so I found him easy to relate to, plus he’s hilarious. With all the suspense in the novels it was nice to get some comic relief. Ron’s awkward charm still holds a place in my heart but now my favorite character is Luna. I just can’t get enough of her. She style and personality is just so whimsical and quirky. Not only is she funny, like Ron, she is unique and weird (in the absolute best way possible).

Posted by Am2b2 on June 23, 2011, 02:17 AM report to moderator
28 Points

When I first read the Harry Potter series at age seven, I completely favored Hermione. We were, and still are, practically identical. People say I’m intelligent, yet a know-it-all. The moment I receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter, I am going to begin re-instating S.P.E.W.. I also have fairly bushy hair, though mine is blonde, and I even have that one guy friend I’m in love with. When I read the novels, I saw myself in Hermione. I saw a strong person, just like I wanted to be. Now that I’ve grown up a bit, Draco has seemed even stronger than Hermione. Hermione has her friends and family supporting her in life, Draco is alone. He is being constantly pulled down by his parents, whom are always bowing down to the Dark Lord. Being born into a loveless home, the blonde teen struggles in his life. It is hard to make friends when half of the world despises you, and the other wants to take down that half. So where does Draco end up? Constantly being used by You-Know-Who, just for the purpose of punishing Lucius. In the Deathly Hallows, you see that Draco has matured enough to see past petty differences to save an enemy’s life. Though Draco is my favorite, so to speak, I also have a fondness for Narcissa Malfoy. Like Draco, she sees past the lines that part her and her family from the Order, and saves Harry. That is something he can never repay and therefore will always be in the debt of the two nicer Malfoys.

Posted by imawitch0222 on June 23, 2011, 02:19 AM report to moderator
34 Points

When I first read the book, I think I was incredibly impressed with Dumbledore’s chill composure and sense of humor. He just seemed so wise and infallible, and also so caring. As the books went on, especially after Half Blood Prince, Snape very much moved up in my eyes as the most riveting character ever. He was so nuanced in the later books where he was such a strict caricature of a villain in the earlier books. His bravery, courage and love were what redeemed him in my eyes, and probably in Harry’s. Oh, Snape, if only you’d been sorted into Griffyndor!

Posted by owlchick on June 23, 2011, 02:59 AM report to moderator
29 Points

My favorite character was Hermione. I identified with her as a know-it-all who sometimes took it too far and annoyed people ): I remember admiring her in the scene where she solves Snape’s riddle in SS…
I use the past tense, but it’s more like I’ve grown to like other characters more, rather than like Hermione less. (:

Posted by keiyashi on June 23, 2011, 02:59 AM report to moderator
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