Leaky’s Pottermore First Impressions Live Blog and Review


Aug 18, 2011

Posted by EdwardTLC

This morning, Leaky was lucky enough to gain early beta access to Pottermore, J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter online reading experience. As I go through the process of exploring Pottermore, this post will live blog my latest reactions, experiences, and discoveries. Those who wish to wait to experience Pottermore for themselves please do read with caution as this post will contain details on the process and moments from the online experience. A full review of Pottermore is due shortly. Enjoy!
Live Updates:

  • Even after the first few pages and tutorials, you can tell just how much detail and how many things there are to do in Pottermore. You can zoom in and out, up and down to find clues and info.
  • Privet Drive contains so many little elements from the story in just one image.
  • Click everything! :)
  • Pottermore follows the story in such a way that you are introduced to places, characters, objects, etc. as they become important in the story.
  • Even after a few days, the drawings and comments for moments and parts of the story are very high quality.
  • Shooting stars and put-outers!
  • Determined to transform the cat into McGonagall (I don’t know if they even do that!).
  • Friend and nicknames is a great feature. Gives a little breakdown of their house. Hope to run into them in the hallways :)
  • Character bios seem to start very basic and then expand as you get deeper into the story.
  • Four moments in Chapter 1. Now for chapter 2!
  • Little lock images appear over red quills indicating you haven’t yet unlocked the special new JKR content on the site.
  • Electric meter numbers? In Harry’s cupboard?
  • Still can’t get over the detail. In the zoo, lights flickering, reptiles slithering around, the glass disappearing.
  • Another great feature: You can see when your friends are in the same chapter as you.
  • So many objects to collect for your trunk. Very interested to see how these things add up.
  • Loving how Pottermore puts you in the story but lets you imagine the characters and moments as you remember them while reading the books.
  • Going shopping for school supplies! Never had this much fun doing this ever before.
  • Do I want a cat a toad or an owl?
  • A Brown Owl, it is!
  • WAND time!
  • The wand chooses you, of course. Asked a series of questions about yourself. Some are difficult to decide upon!
  • My wand: Hawthorn with Unicorn Hair, thirteen and three quarter inches, surprisingly swishy.
  • The detail about Mr. Ollivander is among the most fascinating yet.
  • I wonder, if one buys a Rememberall, will it light up when you’ve forgotten something in the story?
  • Even if we don’t see the character in the Pottermore moment, if they were featured or introduced in the chapter se get a short bio about them.
  • Made it to Hogwarts, now for the Sorting Hat.
  • Lovely video from Jo pops up to speak more about the sorting ceremony.
  • Sorting questions are HARD!
  • Well, I have a new house. I’m a Slytherin.
  • Have now unlocked the Common Room, Great Hall and a number of other features
  • Exploring the Potions area. Seeing what I can make.
  • Should say: always considered myself a Ravenclaw. Slytherclaw?
  • Potions is as precise as it is in the books. Takes skill and patience. Great experience, perhaps soon I’ll get one right!

109 Responses to Leaky’s Pottermore First Impressions Live Blog and Review

Avatar ImageBloodHallow212 says: oh yeah! first commentAvatar ImageBloodHallow212 says: i cant wait. my mouth is literally watering reading thisAvatar Imageweasleywannabe1997 says: Oh, for heaven's sake. Who cares who comments first???? Pottermore sounds enchanting! I got in on Day Four, am waiting for my beta invite. Honestly, I cannot wait!Avatar ImageBloodHallow212 says: haha ik! i got on day two. i don't want to add my house until i get on pottermore!!Avatar ImagePhoenix1946 says: From other posts on this site, it looks like Leaky is the ONLY one to get access today!Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: @wasleywannabe1997: LOL!!!! Have you noticed how exited some people are to comment first that they don't even comment at all??? Saying you're first is hardly a comment... Now, this blog sounds fun, but I think that this will be my only visit since I don't want to spoiled everything. I already read many things and have decided to experience Pottermore on my own. Avatar ImagePhoenix1946 says: Why is Leaky's posting time 20 minutes off (ahead) of Eastern Daylight Time? My last post logged at 11:11AM while my local time was 10:51 AM EDT.Avatar Imagejasygrama says: Seriously fun!Avatar ImageSlytherinAngel says: I can't wait but I am with HalfBloodPrincess in saying that this blog will be my only visit since I want to experience Pottermore on my own.. I just haven't gotten my e-owl yet :(Avatar Imagecamila_black08 says: so cool !! I can't wait till my email comes!!!!Avatar ImagePottyharrypotter says: I'd also love to know what the numbers in Harry's cupboard mean. I'm having a ton of fun exploring.Avatar Imagebeckmank says: Leaky, what is your pottermore name?Avatar Imagebeckmank says: Leaky, what is your pottermore name?Avatar Imagebeckmank says: Oops, sorry for the double post. Slow computer. :)Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I hope they sort out the crashes... It is quite annoying having to start over after waiting for a long time just to log back in...Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I hope they sort out the crashes... It is quite annoying having to start over after waiting for a long time just to log back in...Avatar Imagesaanalehto says: I got in on Monday, have been exploring Pottermore daily since then. I only now noticed the meter-numbers in Harry's cupboard, though. :) I still haven't found all my Chocolate Frog Cards, there are 2 missing ...Avatar Imagesunny2017 says: I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT!!!Avatar Imagemencia says: sounds awesome, I can't wait!Avatar ImageHelluin says: A couple of my friends have already gotten in, and I am anxiously awaiting my email. I got in the first day, but I don't know if they are sending out emails in order of signing up or just randomly.Avatar Imagethe_chosen_one4 says: helluin have your friends registered on day 1?Avatar Imagezweasly says: Still waiting for my welcome email & I want it even more now!!! :)Avatar ImageTravDogg says: You find a remembrall later on, and like most things in your trunk, it doesn't really serve a purpose. @mommato2beauties, I think those numbers in Harry's cupboard are just the time that it's supposed to be at that moment, 3:31 PM.Avatar Imagehogwartslionchaser says: huh. feeling dejected. my computer said tht i had one email...i go so excited for about a milisecond.... then i found out tht it was just a stupid ad for an upgrade.... i wish they would hurry up and send out the emails!Avatar Imagequestdream51 says: I'm so excited for my mail! I got in on day two so I probably won't get in for a while anyway with my luck but I keep checking every half hour, which is an improvement from the last two days lol Oh well, I'm re-reading the series (again) to keep me distracted, almost half way through GoF (:Avatar Imageahaque521 says: o leaky is sooo lucky!!! i've been waiting so long to gain access!!!Avatar ImageTheGreenSphinx says: I'm slowly going crazy waiting for access. *sigh*Avatar ImageTheGreenSphinx says: I'm slowly going crazy waiting for access. *sigh*Avatar ImageTheGreenSphinx says: I'm slowly going crazy waiting for access. *sigh*Avatar ImageTheGreenSphinx says: I'm slowly going crazy waiting for access. *sigh*Avatar ImageTheGreenSphinx says: I'm slowly going crazy waiting for access. *sigh*Avatar ImageDVM2B says: I'm dying here. I got in on the second day and so did most of my friends. None of us have gotten emails yet. I get email on my phone so I am constantly checking. I'll be insane soon.Avatar Imagemolly43 says: Talking about wishful thinking - I'm checking my e-mail daily and I got in on day 6!Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: Will I eventually be able to buy my wand on pottermore that they select for me? That would be cool. Also about the house selection. When the ask me what house I prefer can i say ANY? I want to know what house i would be sorted into with out any preference. As I would gladly take any.Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: I couldn't wait for Pottermore but after reading this I'm beyond that. I NEED to get that email! Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: To all Leaky staff please post your screen names as I might like to add you all to my friends list on pottermore.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: I am HollowPixie385Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @BloodHallow212 I'm right there with you! Cannot wait! This sounds absolutely amazing. I'm very excited!! Accio Welcome Letter!Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: I am HollowPixie185Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: I am HollowPixie185Avatar ImageWazzuelf says: Pottermore is going to need a lot to make people want to use it consistently. The quick run through of the first book is fun, but takes only a couple of hours. You can make a potion, but you have to wait hours for it to finish after about two minutes of actual time. The dueling is what most people were doing, but it's down. Only about 15,000 students right now and it crashes consistently. Good luck to anyone not in yet.Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: I am HollowPixie one eighty fiveAvatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: I really hope they fix the server error soon. Otherwise no one will be able to use it in October!Avatar ImageWazzuelf says: The numbers in Harry's Cupboard is a clock. Avatar Imagealexweasley12 says: THIS IS SOOOOO COOL !!!! I cant wait any longer GRRRR !!Avatar Imagetim_2006 says: Voldemort's nippleAvatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: I keep hitting "refresh" on my keyboard. Since I'm not in yet, living through someone else's experience is the next best thing. :)Avatar Imageheathermichelle1983 says: I am so excited!! Been reading articles and blog posts all over about the Pottermore experience. I am looking forward to helping fine tune the site. I think its exciting that you can't just chose which house you belong to. That makes me curious of where in the wizarding world I really belong. Breathlessly waiting!!!! Avatar Imagelolafasola says: I got in on day one and I still didn't get my 'welcome email' :( I hope it will come soon because it looks like great fun! :)Avatar ImageAvanelleWood says: I cannot wait until my email comes. I'm compulsively checking my mailbox umpteen times a day!Avatar Imagehermioneginnyluna says: I WANT IN!Avatar Imageheathermichelle1983 says: @AvanelleWood me too!!! I can't help but to check my phone constantly for an email. Avatar Imagejyassa says: im so exited bud still didint get my email :(Avatar Imageheathermichelle1983 says: @AvanelleWood me too!!! I can't help but to check my phone constantly for an email. Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: Thanks for your updates Edward! I'm really excited for my email to get here.....though my excitement is starting to mingle with a bit of frustration. I got in in the first 10 minutes of the second day so I thought my email would be here by now :'( Email, y u no get here, y u make me sad?Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: I just made this........because I'm sad and have nothing better to do. http://memegenerator.net/instance/9453221Avatar ImageLovesLaborLost says: Accio email!Avatar Imagevkooly says: Can not wait till I get my email.Avatar ImageEeyore says: Still waitng for my welcome email. I got in on the first day and thought it might mean I'd get in sooner. Apparently not. :-(Avatar ImagePhoenix1946 says: @vicki That is NOT a G-Rated website!Avatar ImageLoena2009 says: can't wait to get my welcome letter... hope it comes very soon.... Avatar ImageHarry89 says: Oh how I hope to get my Welcome Email soon! I can't take the suspense! Avatar Imagevicki_the_house_elf says: @Phoenix A link doesn't mean I'm ordering you to look at the entire website. You can just look at the picture and nothing else.Avatar Imagemoonstone nox says: I hope I'll get my mail soon! I found the quill on day 1, still no mail that allows me to explore pottermore now ;-(Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: I knew Pottermore wouldn't disappoint! Now, where's my welcome email to prove it to me? (:Avatar ImageDalvina says: day four quill.... still waiting!Avatar Imagekiwimci says: @Jessica Ann e-owl: I love it! I'm genuinely worried about the sorting now. I've so much Ravenclaw stuff and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get in. I think my true heart may lie in SlytherinAvatar ImageTanderule says: I was screaming when I read this. Edward was on the episode of Pottercast where he spoiled part one, right? I remember they called his Bootleg Edward.Avatar Imageawesomeaardvark says: I'm the same as Edward. I always considered myself a Ravenclaw and was sorted into Slytherin. I still like to think of myself as a Ravenclaw at heart, Slytherin on Pottermore kind of thing. It takes some getting used to, that's for sure. And potions is really difficult. I think I messed up six potions before I got one right. Avatar ImageHeavenly_Horcrux says: I really can't wait! I'm especially looking forward to the sorting and Ollivander's. I've always been split between if I am a Gryffindor of Slytherin; I guess this'll decide!Avatar Imageathena lupen says: i cant wait until i get my e-owl but it will probably b a while bc i was day 7 (im realy nevous 4 the sorting)Avatar ImageHogwartsForever says: I want one. :(Avatar Imagemuggle1963 says: ...still no e-Owl...oh Boo Hoo! Silently weeping into crossed arms....Avatar ImageHalfbloodPrince08 says: AMAZING!!!! I want my account open now!!! cannot wait.! I still enjoying leaky anyway!! :DAvatar ImageSxPalms says: These comments make me happy. :D I was worried that I'd get into Ravenclaw (because that's where I thought I'd be if I were sorted in real life...not saying I don't like Ravenclaw, it's my second choice!), but seeing as Ravenclaws are getting Slytherin, that's great news. I also heard from a local Slytherin that there aren't as many Slythies running around Pottermore than other houses, but apparently holding their weight considerably in house cup points! :D Avatar ImageGene L. says: That's why I love you, Leaky!Avatar ImageHalcyone Puddlemere says: Brewing a potion takes time and skill. I've only been able to brew 1 potion correctly. How can we collect more house points? Some have already collected thousands of house points.Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: coolAvatar ImageHalfBlood Badger says: I'm SO excited for this! I quite literally CANNOT wait for my Welcome Letter! I usually can't stand spoilers, but I couldn't help myself, I just had to look! :)Avatar Imagezonkoltd says: Have just finished. Wow! Don't worry, the wait is worth it, and you may well get a smoother experience. Please, avoid spoilers! Enjoy it all for yourself. I'm saying nothing apart from "Redwood and Unicorn, Fourteen and a Half inches, Brittle - Ravenclaw". Not arguing with any of that! One tip, it is quite deep in places, take your time - you only get the once chance to make that first journey. And thanks to everyone concerned, the attention to detail shows, rather like the films, especially the last one. A happy student.Avatar Imagecozmic says: I was so worried I was going to be disappointed but it is amazing.Avatar Imagerainbowapplefizz says: What kinds of questions were on the sorting?Avatar Imagecb160 says: Anyone from Day 4 in yet?Avatar ImageSxPalms says: O.o I hope I don't get a really long wand... A smaller wand would be easier to flourish and perform spells(as nerimon on youtube had explained once before), plus I could just stash it in my pocket and it wouldn't stick out. C:Avatar Imagepurpleleafgirl says: Ughh.....I still haven't gotten mine :/Avatar Imageminiginny says: Oh no!!! I thought reading this would cheer me up, but it just makes me jealous!!!Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: Awesome. wish i would get my letter soonAvatar Imagejacket says: I can't wait to get my welcome letter!!!Avatar Imagemaddison says: Thanks for the information I am solo excited!!!Avatar Imagemaddison says: Thanks for the information I am so excited!!!Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: I hope they continue to send out Welcome emails everyday...increase my chances of getting in sooner!Avatar Imagetom legolas says: TT_TT no fair will try again!!Avatar Imagezonkoltd says: "I hope I don’t get a really long wand" One of the questions relates to your own height (but not nostril-width!) I'm over average height, so that may have been relevant. But, as recommended, please do answer honestly, it would be easy to manipulate your choices, but much more fun just being honest and see where that takes you. Looking back, I can see how my selections influenced the end result. The extra 'House' information you are given will probably help clarify things.Avatar ImageSxPalms says: @zon Good thing I'm only 5'3" then.. :P I'm 16 though, so I still have room to grow!!(but not really) D': Don't make fun. Though, I'm glad they take personal things like that into consideration. It makes it seem that much more realistic and interactive.Avatar Imagepurplehogwarts says: @zonkoltd I agree that it makes it more fun to see where you end up naturally. I just wish Jo will open it up for all readers to get information about houses we are not members of and other exclusive information!Avatar Imagezonkoltd says: A bit of gentle googling will reveal that details of all the houses have been posted online. Reading the others made me even happier that I ended up where I did. Another tip - where the screens only have one level, it is often possible to use a 'reveal background' via mouse buttons, and then save it. At long last (always knew/hoped I was a Ravenclaw) have an official picture of my common room!Avatar Imagezonkoltd says: Just a reminder - okay to save a copy of images, but please don't host online! 12.2 Our content includes any information or other material found on or via Pottermore, including text, databases, graphics, software and all other features on Pottermore. For all content, you may download any individual page on Pottermore onto one hardware device or print one copy of such page or view any video or images provided that this use is non-commercial and you keep intact all and any copyright and proprietary notices and do not edit the same. Apart from that, none of our content may be republished, posted, transmitted, stored, sold, distributed or modified without our prior written consent. Avatar Imagejasygrama says: Very interesting and detailed, sounds like fun! Can't wait! Avatar Imagecav10rto says: how do you add stuff to your trunk? ill click on the put outer and see information about it, but my trunk remains emptyAvatar Imagezonkoltd says: You cannot collect the deluminator, or quite a few other things - they are just garnish. It will be clear when you can collect something.Avatar Imageginnygirl423 says: I-want-my-email-!!Avatar Imageginnygirl423 says: ! -I-want-my-email- !Avatar ImagePotterBabe12345 says: I'm having seriously mixed feelings. I've always concidered myself a gryffindor priding myself on doing things most people would say no to and always trying to do the right thing. Or maybe a ravenclaw as I value intelligence and have been fortunate with my inteligence, and then I have huge ambition and determination which I questioned that I have sltherin qualities. ... And now ... I get sorted into hufflepuff. It's nice and everything and I love helga casue she wanted everybody to be able to study magic, but I'm too competetive and cocky to be a claw. When I read the description after I got sorted I found it hard to place myself into that. :/ I've heard quite a few pwople wondering whether they're in the right house and I'm thinking that there should be a question as to what house you want to be in. Afterall it's common knowledge that the sorting hat takes you preferences into accountAvatar Imagesilverkacy says: True. I hope I'm not in Slytherin. Not Slytherin... Not Slytherin....Avatar ImageScarlettMalfoy says: So sad.......... I did not get in. Congrats to all of you who got in anyway.......I'll probably get in on OCTOBER!!!!!Avatar Imagetrix_383 says: hey guys, anyone know how to give them like a proper written feedback? cos i tried giving them feedback but its only this survey and i was planning on asking for them to extend the maximum number of characters you can put in the comment box so people can actually talk about stuff... like we do here. like, i understand that they have so much stuff to do but at the same time i dont know they expected us to give them proper feedback with the very limited questions they have on the surveyAvatar Imagezonkoltd says: I've added comments on the different pages, I think they've all been read as have only recently been owled that the comments have been accepted - "Hi QuillMirror121, We’re pleased to tell you that the recent comment you posted about chapter 17 has been approved by the moderators."Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Gonna wait for my experience in October! :)Avatar ImageRyderSempai says: Sadness. I had actually managed to get into beta twice. Once my browser crashed when I submitted the answer due to the site load. Never got a validation for when I did manage to register the next day. so yeah, was looking forward to playing in October, and now it seems they have no idea when the site will actually be open.

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