Happy Birthday, Ron Weasley!


Mar 01, 2012

Posted by Mel

March 1st marks the birthday of Ron Weasley! Please join us at Leaky in wishing Ron Weasley a very happy birthday! Many happy returns, Ron!

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Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Happy Birthday Ronald!! Have a smashingly brilliant day!! =DAvatar ImageLunaLuver says: OMG I was the first to send Ron birthday wishes! O.O Yay!!!!!!! XDAvatar ImageWeasleyisourking99 says: Happy birthday, Ron! :D Avatar ImageBlame The Nargles says: Happy 32nd birthday, Ron! Yeah... I did the math. ;-)Avatar Imageprofessor_potter says: Happy Birthday Ron!! :)Avatar ImageAvionyx says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON!!! Who wants to bet Hermonie got him booksAvatar Imagekatelyner123 says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RONALD!!! I didn't get you spiders, cats, or anything dangerous.... I GOT YOU A MAROON SWEATER!!!! LOL Cheers to one of the best characters in the universe, RON WEASLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Hold up Butterbeer* Avatar ImageMissWeasley8 says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON! I will always love you for being you - a red-headed kid who has grown up with me for the last 6 years! Lets raise a butterbeer to one of the brightest wizards ever..... Ron Weasley :)Avatar ImageLunaLoonyLovegood says: I hope you have a wonderful birthday Ronald Billius Weasley! I got you a box of fizzing whizzabees but i can't seem to find them. I suspect the nargles must have snuck away with them. Those nargles are always getting into trouble and causing mischief. Funny little creatures. So i figured a more appropriate gift would be a butter beer cork. It repels the nargles. I always find mine helpful. Well, have a great birthday Ronald!Avatar Imagerootbably says: Happy Birthday Ron!! Maybe this year your Hogsmesde visit won't be canceledAvatar ImageHawthornTonks says: Happy Birthday, Ron! I hope you enjoy being 32 :)Avatar ImageLiquidLuck394 says: hope You Had a great birthday sorry i couldn't post this sooner :D Avatar Imagesidnandragin says: Happy birthday Ron! I got you some Cannons jerseys. I know you would love it more since Hermione got you books! AT least I had the jerseys signed... Happy birthday big brother, love GInny!Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Happy Birthday, Ron! (xAvatar Imagehorcruxhunter7 says: Happy Birthday Ron!!! Avatar ImageMelly96 says: Happy Birthday!!!!!! :) Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Happy Birthday, Ron Weasley!Avatar ImageGene L. says: Happy birthday Ron!Avatar ImageJoy@Hogwarts says: HAPPY 32 BRITHDAY Won Won! Avatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: Happy Birthday,Ron! :DAvatar ImageG.Weasley says: FINALLY THEY ARE UP TO DATE!Avatar Imagezaucwrkexun says: Happy 32nd birthday Ron!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDAvatar ImageTarana says: Happy Birthday, Ron! I hope the bad news about Blue Peter's "Best Children's Book of the last ten years" doesn't spoil it. When I heard "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" had beaten Harry Potter, I couldn't believe my ears. Whaaaat? I've never read those books, but really... how could they be better than HP? It's even worse: HP came third :o( Then, I realised I had forgotten to vote (not sure if I could have from outside the UK, but still). Sorry, this is off topic, but I'm still trying to get over the disappointment, and shock.Avatar ImageGryffindorGirl7 says: Its not his 32nd,its his 37th,18+19 is 37. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE GINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageAmazing Amoeba says: oh,my...I missed it. happy birthday anyway, Ron!Avatar ImageAdidi88 says: happy birthdaaaaaaaaaay!!!! hope it's great! today is my birthday too! Avatar Imagehonigmuffin says: Happy Birthday! =DAvatar ImageLegendMN007 says: Probably the character I hate the most in the entire series. Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: Happy birthday Ronald!!!Avatar ImageLivi22 says: Happy birthday Ron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxAvatar ImageAhvana says: Happy bday!!:)Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Happy Birthday!

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