Helena Bonham Carter Receives CBE


Jan 02, 2012

Posted by Mel

Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange) has been made a “Commander of the British Empire”:

Bonham Carter received a CBE, or Commander of the Order of the
British Empire award — one step below a knighthood — after the most
successful year of her career, capped by her performance in “The King’s
Speech”, the hit film about the stammering king George VI.

She dedicated the honour to her father, who spent the last years of
his life severely disabled after an operation to remove a brain tumour
went wrong, and joked that it could lead to changes at home.

“I am wondering, does it mean I get to command? Because at the moment
it’s my four-year-old daughter who does the commanding in our
household. Must inform her of the change in situation,” she said.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Thanks to both Jack and Valeria-Johanna for emailing!

17 Responses to Helena Bonham Carter Receives CBE

Avatar Imagesessionka says: CONGRATULATIONS HELENA!!!! Most Deserving!!!!Avatar Imagelovelle says: Congratulations to her! Such an awesome honor! Plus, she is so funny! She really deserves it!Avatar Imagezaucwrkexun says: Congratulations- she really deserves it! :)Avatar Image2tal says: Very talented actor! Well deserved! Congratulations Helena Bonham Carter and best of luck with that four year old! As the saying goes: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!Avatar ImageG.Weasley says: Congratulations but I'm also wondering what it exactly means.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: How very nice...Avatar ImageAnna Libertas says: Congratulations Helena! She definitely deserves the honor, such an amazing actor and person.Avatar ImageHermioneLunaHP says: Congratulations Helena ! Avatar ImageDracmione-booksncleverness says: Congrats Helena!Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: CONGRATS HELENA! I'm not sure what the real honor is, I haven't heard of it until now but I'm glad that Helena's work has been recognized. :DAvatar ImageLunaLuver says: Congrats Mrs Lovett!!!! ( yes I'm a Sweeney Todd fan ) =) I read about this several days ago in the paper, Leaky's a wee bit behind.Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: CONGRATULATIONS HELENA! :)Avatar ImageMoonlitFox says: She deserves it. Congrats Helena!! Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: Well done!! So glad she won something. She was amazing as BellatrixAvatar Imageiamminerva says: Congrats to Helena! She just nailed it as Bellatrix. She really got the character.Avatar Imagesnowyowl77 says: Congratulations on winning a well deserved award. I've always loved her and her performances. She is a truly eclectic actress who has shown her talent in each and every role she has played. Avatar ImageDrarryLover says: Im made up for her! She deserves it so much, she's a fantastic actress. I've loved her long before she was in Harry Potter, she's my favourite actress :)

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