“Harry Potter in 60 Seconds” Entered into Virgin Radio Fake Film Festival


Feb 12, 2012

Posted by Mel

An amusing video which retells the entire Harry Potter series in a single minute has been entered into the Virgin Radio Fake Film Festival. You can watch the video here or below.

Many thanks to Sam M. and Alex M. for owling!

19 Responses to “Harry Potter in 60 Seconds” Entered into Virgin Radio Fake Film Festival

Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: lOl. Congrats, I guess. XDD I love the Harry Potter fandom. :DAvatar ImageAlexandraMayWood says: Haha, lol, funny! Gotta love it :D. Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: That was hilariously cheesy - almost as good as the fake trailer I saw for 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' that shows a guy in khaki shorts running out of a cave pursued by an exercise ball. I especially liked Voldy being portrayed by a face drawn in Magic Marker on a white balloon. ::applauds::Avatar Imagerettophantom says: I love me a good parody, and this one is a hit!Avatar ImageValeria-Johanna says: That is really rather brilliant - especially Voldemort.Avatar Imagehorcruxhunter7 says: Okay...Avatar Imagemoglet says: I love it! That is so well done, and the portrayal of Voldemort is very funny, especially the way he dies!Avatar Imagepinkmoosely says: Well done for the nomination. This really is very funny especially Voldemort popping :-)Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Very funny!Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: This was funny. Great way to start the morning. Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: ...and I also really liked the garden hose as Nagini. And the chicken!Avatar ImageRowenWeasley says: EPICNESS!!!Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: Haha love this video :DAvatar ImageChrissyT says: "I'm not actually dead!" lol :D Love this video, especially Voldy.Avatar Imagesilverkacy says: I agre with ChrissyT "I'm not actually dead!" I love the do do do dooo do do in the beginning. LOL!!!!Avatar ImageResaPotter says: LOLAvatar Imagekatelyner123 says: lol *opens eyes* "I'm not actually dead!" lol Go Voldy balloon! I actually made a Voldemort balloon the other day.... o.o they're spying on mehAvatar ImageAnimagus Black says: Very, er, interesting. Of course, I laughed when Voldemort's head popped and the chicken. Cheesy, but in a good way, I found it absolutely hilarious.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Har, har, lool!

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