Warwick Davis to Star in Bhojpuri film


Jun 29, 2012

Posted by Catherine

Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick) has joined a Bollywood cast for a film called Chingari. The film is to be produced and directed by Shrey Shrivastav, who confirmed that Davis would be playing “a journalist from an international channel, who is doing a documentary on Bihar police”, as well as have a cameo in the film. Warwick Davis will be traveling to Mumbai to play his roles. IBNLive reports:

“He is doing a cameo in the film. He plays a journalist from an international channel, who is doing a documentary on Bihar police. In the film, he is shown to have come down to do some research and we have a couple of interesting comedy sequences with him.”

the director says, “I know Warvick through common friends and when we spoke to him, we realised that he was very keen to do a Bollywood film.”

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Avatar ImageSherylyn says: Please tell me that it's just the fact that I need new glasses, and not that Leaky has misspelled War*W*ick Davis's name repeatedly in this article. Leaky knows better than that; I know they do. http://www.warwickdavis.co.uk/Avatar Imagehorcruxhunter7 says: Yes, now its Warvick Davis- does sound pretty cool though, warvick...Avatar ImageLa La Toadstone says: He looks like Tony Blair in this photo!! It also looks like a mug shot or at best a passport photo! :DAvatar ImageCatherine says: sorry about that guys! when i referenced the article, i doubted myself and thought i had been getting it wrong all these years--turns out i did know better than those guys in bollywood :PAvatar ImageWON_TWO says: Hey, it was close...Avatar Imagehogwarts-is-my-home says: I love seeing movies that have the HP actors in them... I probably never would see them otherwise.

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