Tom Felton Visits Leavesden When Missing “Potter”


Aug 14, 2012

Posted by Catherine

After ten years on the set of Harry Potter, Tom Felton finds he often misses his “second home”. To cure this home-sickness he often goes back to tour the studio, joining fans to re-experience the magic. Tom Felton recently told The People:

“I really enjoy just queuing up with everyone else, collecting my ticket and enjoying it all over again.

“Everyone’s so caught up in the magic of it all that no one even notices me.”

Bad boy wizard Tom said: “I have a wealth of happy memories at Leavesden so if I feel a bit down or miss the place I just go there and do the tour.

“I pretty much grew up there so it’s like a second home. It’s fantastic that I can just go back and check out my old stomping ground. It really picks you up. I still get blown away every time I go.”

The full article can be read here.

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Avatar ImageWeenyOwl says: That is really sweet. It seems like he has truly transitioned into becoming part of the fandom. But it also sounds like it would be good for him to get more new acting offers so that he doesn't get trapped in his own nostalgia.Avatar Imagemoglet says: That is such a lovely thing to hear, it's good that he enjoyed making the films so much, and it actually highlights how good the tour is, I'm sure it would not hold his interest if it were not. He does seem to have many projects in the pipeline and has been working a fair bit, perhaps for him it's just like anyone else going home from time to time to see the places that meant a lot to them when they were growing up.Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: Awww! Tom is truly just the sweetest when it comes to his love of HP and when it ment to him growing up. :D (Very much like Jason Issacs is.) You dont hear about Dan and Rupert going back to take the tour. If I were there I'd def.notice him, surprised people wouldnt. Even being caught up in the magic, you'd start to thing 'Hmm, this guy looks like Draco'. Just another reason why I love Tom. :)Avatar Imagehorcruxhunter7 says: This is really such a nice thought... :DAvatar ImageHarryLoverAllRound says: This is so sweet. Its nice to see him in the regular human light, the regular human with regular sentimentalities, instead of just a HP star. I love that nobody notices him and he just queues up with everybody. Its so nice that he goes back regularly! It is really nice that he loved his last ten years. Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Tom is a good fellow!Avatar Imageamelia 1-2-3- says: can i be the person standing next to him in line?

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