“The Casual Vacancy” Tops Amazon Charts


Sep 30, 2012

Posted by Catherine

This weekend The Casual Vacancy shot to the top of Amazon’s book charts. J.K. Rowling’s adult novel currently resides in the number one slot for both physical books and e-books. According to Amazon.com, the physical copy of The Casual Vacancy has resided in the Top 100 for the past 87 days, while the e-book has resided in the Top 100 for the last 21 days.

More sales statistics are expected to be released shortly, and we will post them as soon as we can.

3 Responses to “The Casual Vacancy” Tops Amazon Charts

Avatar ImageBeazle says: It won't be there for long. What a disappointment ! As I said elsewhere, I gave up two solid days to read this piece of worthless junk -poor fool me. It was not the relentless socialist anti-middleclass sloganeering that upset me -I expected that sort of hypocrisy anyway, judging by her political affiliations but rather, the pages and pages of turgid and very predictable cliches and one dimensional characters inflicted on the reader. If her name was not JK Rowling- no agent (much less a publisher) would have touched this book with a barge pole.Avatar ImageMad But Happy says: Wow, buying it on Amazon is pricy (I got mine for $20 not $35)... HP is still my favorite of her works, but I thought this new book was a good predecessor. :) Kudos!Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Not her best work for sure! jmho...

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