J.K. Rowling to Receive Writing Award Today


Jun 23, 2014

Posted by Catherine

Today, June 23, J.K. Rowling will be honored with the International Writers Award for her outstanding contribution to children’s literature. Ms. Rowling will receive this prestigious award in the presence of the Chief Justice, judges, ministers, editors, and diplomats at the International Conference of Jurists and Writers in London. Please join us in congratulating Ms. Rowling for her amazing achievements and the reception of this award. Thank you to our close friends at MuggleNet for the tip.

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Avatar ImageHP_lives_on_4ever says: Congratulations Jo. A well deserved tribute to a great author. Avatar Imagenessa76 says: Actually I thought I gave them the tip, but perhaps Mugglenet got there first.Avatar Imagenessa76 says: Actually, I may be getting it mixed up with another award. (There doesn't seem to be any way of deleting posts on the news pages.) Anyway, many congratulations to Jo.Avatar ImageButterbeers1 says: Congratulations, Jo! I'm glad to see that such serious people have appreciated the value of your contribution to children's literature around the globe.Avatar Imagecarry-o-line says: Congratulations to JKR! Well deserved award, indeed.Avatar Imagegambyt says: Jo cannot get enuff accolades in my opinion!

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