Quidditch World Cup ’14 Quarter Finals: Brazil vs. Wales


Jun 04, 2014

Posted by Mel

The quarter finals of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup have begun! Head over to the Daily Prophet section of Pottermore to see who advanced in the Brazil versus Wales match.

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Avatar Imagejustinthemighty says: I still love Prisoner of Azkaban as much as I did back then. Of the eight films, it's the one that I enjoy re-watching most. It was the first Potter film that didn't feel too much like a film solely intended for children. I liked the first two films well enough, but I thought they were much more --- I'm not sure what word to use... fluffy? --- than I felt their book counterparts were. Prisoner of Azkaban added something more to the mix, embracing a more serious (+cough+ Sirius) tone without completely losing the childish fun of the first two.Avatar Imagepotterball says: cauron was a great a director and still the greatest scene was hermonnie just punching malfoy in the face and her going "That felt brilliant." also caroun did a great job with the time turner scene as it was trickyAvatar ImageMad But Happy says: Wow, 10 years already? Makes me feel old!Avatar Imagesessionka says: Still HATE it to this day. I won't watch it when ABC Family has their 'Harry Potter Weekend'. This is NOT an anniversary I will celebrate.Avatar Imagegambyt says: Ummmmmm.... no....

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