Ten Year Anniversary of the Premiere of “Prisoner of Azkaban”


Jun 04, 2014

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Today marks the ten year anniversary of the day “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” was released in theatres in the US. It marked the first change in directors – from Chris Columbus to Alfonso Cuaron – and was also the first Harry Potter film to be shown in IMAX, as well as the first Harry Potter film to be released in the summertime. Michael Gambon made his first appearance as Professor Dumbledore as, sadly, Richard Harris had passed away in 2002.
“Prisoner of Azkaban” tends to be one of the more divisive of the Harry Potter films: fans tend to either love it or hate it. Now that we’re ten years out from the release, do you still feel the same way you did as when you first saw it? You can watch the trailer here or below to take a few minutes to remember your impressions.

Finding Hogwarts

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