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Leaky News Archives for July 2002

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Harry Potter books a place

Posted by: Leaky
July 03, 2002, 11:47 AM

Harry Potter books a place at Sothebys (from The Evening News):

Harry Potter collectors’ items are set to fetch thousands of pounds at a London auction next week.

Between £8000 and £10,000 is expected to be bid for a first-edition presentation copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone inscribedContinued...

Not sure if this has

Posted by: Melissa
July 02, 2002, 11:47 AM

Not sure if this has been reported elsewhere, but in related news: The first three books of Lemony Snicket's fantasy series (which is very often compared to HP), A Series of Unfortunate Events, is being made into a movie by Nickelodeon, for release in late 2003.

According to the Sylvan Lane

Posted by: Leaky
July 01, 2002, 11:46 AM

According to the Sylvan Lane Shoppe, the second series of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans will be released either tomorrow or the 3rd. Note: Reader "Last First" informs us that the flavours may include Cherry, Green Apple, Lemon Drop, Bubblegum, Banana, Blueberry, Buttered Popcorn, Grape Jelly, Cinnamon,Continued...

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