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Leaky News Archives for December 2002

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Four-Legged Scene-Stealers

Posted by: Leaky
December 01, 2002, 11:44 PM

From The New York Post comes this article on Gary Gero, who provided the animals which portray Fang and Mrs. Norris in Chamber of Secrets.

Potter Blasts Bond

Posted by: Leaky
December 01, 2002, 09:05 PM

In a rarely-seen reclamation of the top spot on the box office charts, CoS found itself in the lead over Die Another Day in the three-day weekend box office battle here in the US, although the Bond film did make a few dollars more in the Wednesday - Sunday calculations. Of course, what gets forgotten in these wrap-up articlesContinued...

A Partial Image of What We're Going to Bid On

Posted by: Leaky
December 01, 2002, 09:02 PM

Joe and others have sent us a link to Sotheby's website where they have a partial image of the famed Index Card.

Auction Information

Posted by: Melissa
December 01, 2002, 11:58 AM

Hi guys! So - we're back up (much thanks to The Wizard World for posting a notice). We've also got the breakdown on what's going to happen with the auction. We cannot solicit yet, because doing this has involved a hell of a lot of bureaucracy. We're wrapped up in so much red tape right now we look like a ChristmasContinued...

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