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And For My Next Trick: I Shall Hop Onto The Bandwagon!

August 04, 2008, 08:32 PM

Now I believe I slyly hinted in my last blog that I would be talking about Doctor Who this time around. Well slap me down and call me the little dorky liar. Sorry fellow children of time, I promise to get there eventually. See something recently got in my mind’s way. I’ll give you a hint: it involves a time of day (and a super hot vampire lovah). Yes, yes. I, like so many other estrogen-filled bodies, have Breaking Dawn on my mind. I happen to adore the Twilight books. I also happen to now...


First Thing's First

July 08, 2008, 04:27 AM

I was thinking the other day just what I could possibly blog on related to Harry Potter. Not that I couldn’t ramble on for hours on end about it. What with theories and fanfiction and the ever aggregating news feed we could all rant until we were blue in the face if given the proper outlet. With so much to talk on, where do I start? More importantly, how can I keep it interesting? Well keeping you intrigued should be simple enough. You see faithful reader (bit pretentious, I know, but play...

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