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From Dragonsinger

July 09, 2008

...... Was as a child growing up with my parents and also my grandmother (aka Nana) and my uncle who all lived with us together. Since both my parents had to work, I was fortunate to spend time at home with Nana. From her, I learned how to work jigsaw puzzles, loving to read and crocheting. On Saturday evenings, we'd all drive to shop at Great Eastern Mills on Rt 46 Totowa and one of the things I looked forward to was a trip to the book department with my grandmother where we'd hunt for the next...

From Abbey

July 09, 2008

I hope that you will all find it nice and cozy here as we talk about Professor Severus Snape, his life before and during the Harry Potter Series, and those people in different series that are so darn easy to hate, but we still have to like/appreciate them in the end. I fell in love with Snape the moment he saved Harry in the Quidditch match in PS/SS. It seemed to me, to be too easy to point my finger at him and say that he was the "bad" guy. I knew he was protecting Harry...little did I know...

From Leah

July 08, 2008

I was thinking the other day just what I could possibly blog on related to Harry Potter. Not that I couldn’t ramble on for hours on end about it. What with theories and fanfiction and the ever aggregating news feed we could all rant until we were blue in the face if given the proper outlet. With so much to talk on, where do I start? More importantly, how can I keep it interesting? Well keeping you intrigued should be simple enough. You see faithful reader (bit pretentious, I know, but play...

From MirandaV

July 08, 2008

Welcome Welcome Hello and welcome to my blog "The Twin Spot". Here we will address the eternal question of "What would Fred and George think?" No one will be spared their rapier wit, there is no safe haven from a well timed jibe. If you've done it...they will comment on it. This blog is going to be mostly a fun blog. Getting the Fred and George perspective on the muggle world and the things we see, read about or hear about in it. I may, on occasion, blog in my own voice about things but mostly...

From Andy

July 06, 2008

In exactly on month from now, I’ll be sitting on a plane. It’ll be a flight from Detroit to Chicago, and the final leg of a long journey that will take me from my home in England to the delights of Terminus 2008, a Harry Potter conference that’ll span the following weekend. While I anticipate much fun and antics resulting from my fellow Leaky staffers and I meeting and, in some cases, reuniting, I do also expect a certain level of Potter discussion, from the basics to the more complex realms...

From MJ

June 28, 2008

If you choose to use your status and influence to raise your voice on behalf of those who have no voice; if you choose to identify not only with the powerful, but with the powerless; if you retain the ability to imagine yourself into the lives of those who do not have your advantages, then it will not only be your proud families who celebrate your existence, but thousands and millions of people whose reality you have helped transform for the better. We do not need magic to change the world, we...

From Rudi

June 27, 2008

It all stared as a pretty cool idea, and seemed simple enough - 'Hey lets make an online version of the Quibbler and we'll put it in a book form so you can turn the pages!' That's like Thomas Edison saying "The heck with light bulbs - I'm going for fission reactors!" The fact of the matter is I have never done anything remotely like a newspaper, and my Flash knowledge is about enough to get me into serious trouble. That should have been a warning. But as the saying goes in my neck of...

From ewing

October 02, 2007

Sewing Dolls Dobby, by Cheryl Skvarcek Harry & Draco Dolls, by aliciajoy Snape Dammit Doll, by Tanya Fantastic Beasts Pygmy Puff, by Winterborn Muggle Devices Basic Potholder, by Pixie House Guitar Straps, by Rosemary Waits (a.k.a. Quietish)Monster Book of Monsters Book Jacket, by Jenn Bragg (a.k.a. As_Weasley_as_I_wannabe) Owl Egg Cozy, by Amy Pot Holder, by AlySlytherin Ornament, by Natalia  NEW!!  Muggle Wear Apron, by Aly Durmstrang Shirt, by hardhat_catHalf-hour Harry...


July 27, 2007

Leaky Job Openings Leaky is always growing and looking for more people to help it do so (on a volunteer basis). If you’d like to help Leaky in one of these categories, please send an email to with the name of the job in the subject. Please send us all relevant experience, and whatever clips, resumes, examples, etc., you would like to send. If you have applied and not heard back, please be patient; we have received your application and will get to it as soon as possible....

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Doris is a mom, a teacher and the Project Coordinator here at Leaky! While...

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I love Harry Potter, LeakyCon, Harry A History, YouTube, PotterCast, Nerdfighting...

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Rudi is a unrepentant Potterholic who feeds his addiction by moderating...

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Kimberly Blair is a full time computer dork, and part time Harry Potter...

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MirandaV is one of Leaky's Gallery Goddess', a stay-at-home mom and a producer...

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Jeff is a teenager who has enjoyed reading the Potter books since 2nd grade....

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Welcome to my blog where we get to discuss everything Snape, from is he...

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Leah is a senior at Manhattan College studying television production, and...

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I work as a Transcription Elf for Leaky and PotterCast and here is where...

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Shawna is currently a Transcription Elf for PotterCast. Taking after Mrs....

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Lisa is the author of the Quest Series, as well as a mother, wife, and Leaky...

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Don't we all wonder what to read next? I'm going to sort that out for you...

Name: Delana
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Bloggers-img-bg Name: Jamie
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I am a photographer and graphic artist who gets paid for NOT doing those...

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Sam is a high-school student and a long time Harry Potter fan (1999!). Since...

Bloggers-img-bg Name: Aggi
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Aggi is a 16 year old British girl from old York. She hasn't really got...

Bloggers-img-bg Name: Selina
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Selina is a part of many fandoms, but Harry Potter will always be her greatest...

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Jessica Amber is a 27 year old aspiring writer and actress who hails from...

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Jon is a filmmaker, writer, and transgender activist, who has been a Harry...

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I am film and television professional living in Los Angeles, CA. I graduated...

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I'm a university student, studying natural sciences, living in a remote...