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Contests & Craft-Alongs



Upcoming Craft-Along

TBD! The next CAL should take place in January 2011!

Current Craft-Along

October/November 2010: Quidditch Season!

Past Craft-Alongs

August 2010: Getting Ready to Go Back to Hogwarts!!
June 2010: Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Let's Get Ready, Crafty-Style!
May 2010:
Fighting the I'm-Not-Crafty Syndrome!
March 2010: Save Plastic Bags and Potter Books from the Dumpster!
February 2010: Let's Crack the WIP on our UFOs!
January 2010: Make Your Own Weasley Family Clock
December 2009: Last Minute Harry Potter Gifts

September 2009:  Craft Your Own House Scarf
July 2009: Accio Tee Stenciling
January 2009:  Magical Needlework
November 2008:  Craft a Christmas Ornament for DorisTLC!  
July 2008: Hogwarts House Friendship Bracelet 
May 2008: Make Your Own Wand! 


Current Contest

November/December 2010: We’re Going to War! Are You Joining Us?

Past Contests

July 2010: Save Galleons! Why Buy It When You Can Craft It?
April 2010: Crafters Go Green!
October 2009:  Halloween/Deathday Party
August 2009: The Crafty Half-Blood Prince Contest
April 2009: Enchanted Eggs 
October 2008: Harry Potter Costume Contest in collaboration with Leaky's Contest Crew