Final Product

Jack-O-Lantern Finger Puppet/Pencil Topper


Small amount worsted weight yarn: Orange, black, green
H/8 (5.0 mm) hook


With orange, make 2:

Ch 4, dc in 4th ch from hook 11 times. Join with sl st in top of ch 3. Finish off.

Using black yarn with yarn needle, embroider Jack-O-Lantern face on one circle. Finish off.

Using orange yarn and yarn needle, wrong sides together, whipstitch through both sc. Leave an opening at the bottom large enough to put your finger or a pencil inside the pumpkin (about 4 sts).

With Green:

With pumpkin facing you, in st one to the right of center, sl st through sc in both circles. Sc in next st, sl st in next. Turn. Sl st in next two st. Ch 5, sl st in 2nd ch from hook. Sl st in next 3 ch, sl st again in base sc. Finish off.


© Jennifer Ofenstein. Tutorial taken with permission from

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