Final Product

Bead & Wire Time-Turner


1 15 mm hourglass charm
1 2-inch (5-cm) head pin
2 .118 inch round spacers
2 5 mm decorative beads (the author used metal beehives)
3 6 mm jump rings
2 8 mm tube beads (or other beads to fill gap between hourglass and ring)
Needlenose pliers


Open up one jump ring and insert it through the loop in the top of the hour glass charm, then around the medium split ring. Close the jump ring and position it at 12:00 on the medium split ring (with the open ends of the split ring being at 6:00) Tighten the jump ring as much as possible around the split ring so that it will not move around.

Insert headpin through 5 mm decorative bead then push through side of largest split ring (at 9:00). Thread on one round spacer and then push through side of medium split ring (at 9:00). Thread on one 8 mm tube ring or other beads to equal 8 mm. Then thread through the hourglass charm. Add another tube ring and then push through the other side of the medium split ring (at 9:00). Add second round spacer then push through the other side of the largest split ring (at 9:00). Add the second 5 mm decorative bead. Bend wire around last bead and tuck end between bead and split ring to secure.

Open up 2 jump rings and put them around the largest split ring, before closing them back up thread on each one a small split ring or another jump ring. Close the ring and tighten as much as you can around the large split ring so it will not slide around. Position at 11:00 and 1:00 and add some super glue to keep it in place.

Attach each end of the chain to the smallest split rings (or free jump rings) at 1:00 and 11:00.


Christine's tutorial was taken with permission from HarryPotterCrafts.

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