Worsted-weight wool yarn in white (CA), 17.64 oz (500g)

Worsted-weight wool yarn in red (CB), gold (CC), green (CD), silver (CE), black (CF), yellow (CG), blue (CH), and bronze (CI), 3.53 oz (100g) each. Author's note: For "movie" Ravenclaw colors, omit the bronze and double the amount of silver (CE) needed.

US8 (5mm), 16" (40cm) circular needles

US8 (5mm) needle for binding off

Tapestry needle

Crochet hook, for fringe

Finished Measurements

Approximately 7" (17.78cm) wide, and as long as you like. The pictured scarf is 111" (281.94cm) long before fringe.


CO 72 stitches in white (CA).

Place marker and join, being careful not to twist stitches.

Knit 26 rounds.

Gryffindor Stripe

Break CA, join red (CB) and knit three rounds.

Break CB, join gold (CC) and knit five rounds.

Break CC, join CB and knit three rounds.

Break CB, join CAand knit twenty-five rounds.

Slytherin Stripe

Break CA, join green (CD) and knit three rounds.

Break CD, join silver (CE) and knit five rounds.

Break CE,join CD and knit three rounds.

Break CD, join CA and knit twenty-five rounds.

Hufflepuff Stripe

Break CA, join black (CF) and knit three rounds.

Break CF, join yellow (CG) and knit five rounds.

Break CG, join CFand knit three rounds.

Break CF, join CA and knit twenty-five rounds.

Ravenclaw Stripe

Break CA, join blue (CH) and knit three rounds.

Break CH, join bronze (CI) for book colors or silver (CE) for movie colors and knit five rounds.

Break CI or CE, join CH and knit three rounds.

Break CH, join CA and knit twenty-five rounds.

Repeat stripe sequence two or three more times, depending on the desired length of the scarf.

Stripe Sequence


Knit one more round with CA.

Using spare needle, do a three-needle bind-off.

Turn the scarf inside out and sew in all ends.

Turn scarf right side out and sew beginning end closed. Tuck in the yarn end.

Hand wash the scarf gently in cool to lukewarm water with wool detergent. If the wool is not marked "superwash' be careful not to felt it by scrubbing or using hot water.

Lay some towels on the floor somewhere out-of-the-way with good air circulation.

Lay the scarf flat on the towels, being sure that the color changes are all hidden along one edge.

Block the scarf ’ use a ruler to make sure it's the same width all the way along, slightly poking and stretching to make it uniform.

Blocking the scarf

Allow the scarf to dry completely.


Using a hardback book about 8" (20.32cm) high, wrap CA around twelve times bottom to top.

Cut the yarn at the bottom.

Loop a spare piece of yarn through the top, to hold the bunch of strands in the middle.

Put a crochet hook through the middle of the scarf edge, one stitch from the end of the scarf.

Use it to pull the spare piece of yarn through, then pull gently on the spare piece of yarn to pull the bunch of white yarn about 2" (5.08cm) through, creating a loop.

Remove the spare yarn.

Pull the ends of the white yarn through the loop that was created and pull tight to create one bunch of fringe.

Repeat at both corners of the scarf, and then between each corner and the middle, which will result in five white bunches of fringe.

Create a bunch of fringe with eight strands of CA, two strands of CB, and two strands of CC.

Place it halfway between two of the white bunches.

Repeat for each of the house color sets as shown, which will result in four colored bunches of fringe.


Repeat to add fringe to the other end of the scarf.

Trim ends of fringe to desired length to make it even.

Final Product

Hogwarts Unity Scarf


Lily, a.k.a MissJubilee's tutorial was taken with permission, and was inspired by Cheryl's My Hogwarts Unity Scarf and Lauren Kent's Sorcerer's Stone/Philosopher's Stone style scarf.

Finding Hogwarts

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