1 skein of worsted weight navy blue yarn
1 skein of worsted weight bronze yarn
US 7 (5.0 mm) knitting needle
Crochet hook (to attach the fringes)


Ravenclaw Illusion Scarf Chart 1 - "R"

Ravenclaw Illusion Scarf Chart 2 - Raven


In MC, cast on 40 stitches. Follow chart 1, beginning at the bottom and working your way up.

At completion of chart 1, Knit 1 row in CC, then purl 1 row in CC. Knit 1 row in MC, then knit 1 row in MC. Repeat these four rows until your scarf is about a foot away from your desired length.

Follow chart 2, beginning at the top and working down.

Bind off in CC.

For fringe, cut 40 strands of each color; each piece should be approximately 20” (50.8 cm) long. Fold each strand in half and pull the loop end through the cast on edge with your crochet hook. Thread the cut ends through the loop and pull tight. Repeat across both edges in alternating colors.

Final Product

Viewed straight on, you see stripes in the Ravenclaw house colors:

Ravenclaw Illusion Scarf - Straight View

BUT! When viewed at an angle...

Ravenclaw Illusion Scarf - Angle View


AmyLeigh's tutorial was taken with permission.

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