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Potter Parties

Invitations & Party Favors

Invitation Letters

Invitation Letter, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)

Party Favors

Hagrid's Dragon Egg Party Favor, by Mrs. Puckle
Honeydukes Bags, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)


Enchanted Ceiling, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen) 
How to Decorate Your Home Like Hogwarts, by artisticmom
Potion Ingredients, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Potion Ingredients in Cool Jars, by McGonagall's Cat

Party Costumes

Kids Party Costumes

Ollivander's Label, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Party Cloaks, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Simple Wands, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Wizard's Hat, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)


Arts & Crafts

Beasties in Pieces, by elly
Coloring Pages, by SueTLC
Decorate Your Broomstick, by Puffin
Decorate-Your-Own Wizard Hat, by Britta
Design Your Own Fantastic Beast, by Kim
Draw-Your-Own Marauders Map, by elly
Fortunes in Crystal Balls, by Tanaqui
Make-Your-Own House Buttons, by Durandal
Make-Your-Own Magnets, by SueTLC
Make-Your-Own Snitches, by SueTLC
Make-Your-Own Wands, by SueTLC
Monster Book of Monsters, by Puffin
Paper Airplane Memos, by Puffin
Pretzel Wands, by Britta
Snape's Flavored Lip Gloss, by McGonagall's Cat
Wizarding Clock, by Tanaqui


Hogwarts Classes, by SueTLC

Ancient Runes
Coming soon!

Arithmancy Fun, by McGonagall's Cat

Astrology at Hogwarts, by Sue TLC, Lexicon_Bel~ & Tanaqui

Care of Magical Creatures
Care of Magical Creatures Class, by Andrea Uitvlugt
Dragon Egg Hatching, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)

Writing With Quills, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)

Defence Against the Dark Arts
Expecto Patronum, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)

Tea Leaf Reading, by Jenny
Tea Leaf Readings, by Kassie
Trelawney's Predictions, by Kassie

Greenhouse 3 Today Chaps!, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Growing Mandrakes, by HM Caspar

Muggle Studies
Muggle Studies Class, by Andrea Uitvlugt

Burn-Heal Potion, by Tanaqui
Buzz Fizz, by Tanaqui
Confusion Concoction, by Tanaqui
Exploding Filibusters, by Tanaqui 
Neville's Potion Disaster, by Ginny Dailo  NEW!!
Patriotic Potion, by Tanaqui
Potions Class, by McGonagall's Cat
Secret Snitcher Potion, by Tanaqui
Yummy Potions Class, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)

Conjuring Owls, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Simple Transfiguration, by McGonagall's Cat
Transfiguration Class, by Andrea Uitvlugt

Community Participation

Care of Magical Creatures, by SueTLC
House-Elf Clothing Drive, by anguinea
Dance or Yule Ball, by SueTLC

Group Games

Bertie Botts Beans Guess, by SueTLC 
Bertie Botts Challenge, by Ginny Dailo  NEW!!
Costume Contest, by SueTLC
Harry Potter Original Art Contest, by SueTLC
Look-Alike Contests, by Lexicon_Bel~
Mix-Your-Own Potion Contest, by Britta
Oddest Sock Contest, by SueTLC

Clue-Based Treasure Hunt, by Britta
Dragon Egg Hunt, by Chelikins
Horcrux Hunt, by Elphaba731
Ogle The Owls, by Britta
Scavenger Hunt, by Sue TLC
Scavenger Hunt (v2), by Sue TLC

Broom Racing, by Sue TLC
Owl Delivery, by Sue TLC
Trevor's Toad Hop, by Sue TLC

Other Group Games
Aurors and Death Eaters, by Lexicon_Bel~
Catch The Snitch, by Sue TLC
Cauldron Catch, by Sue TLC
Draw the Scar on Harry, by Julijacky
Exploding Snap, by Jenny
Giants, Elves and Wizards, by Hartbraker726
Lockhart's Memory, by Chelikins
Pass The Pasta Pensieve, by Sue TLC
Pin the Tail on Dudders, by Sue TLC
Rita Skeeter Rumors, by Jenny
Snog Harry, by Julijacky
Tableaux, by Asphodel Wormwood
Tomb Stone Stomp, by Sue TLC
What Flavor Bertie Botts?, by Kim
W-I-Z-A-R-D Bingo, by Sue TLC


Muggle Quidditch, by SueTLC
Muggle Quidditch (v2), by LexiconBel~
Nimbus 2003 Quidditch, submitted by SueTLC
Pool Quidditch, by Julijacky
Quidditch for Muggles, submitted by B.K. DeLong

Word Games

Create Your Own Spells, by Jenny
Harry Potter Haiku, by elly
Harry Potter Jeopardy, by Tanaqui
Harry Potter Mad Libs, by elly
Mirror of Erised, by SueTLC
Puzzle Maker, by Lexicon~Bel
Simple Kids Activities, by DorisTLC
Spot The Spell, by Britta
The Spell Maker, by Tanaqui
Various Trivia Contests, by SueTLC
Whirled Words, by Britta
Who Said That?, by Asphodel Wormwood
Wizard's Duel, by Tanaqui
Wizard Word Mayhem, by Chelikins

Other Activities

Celebrity Guests, by SueTLC
Cut-Out Photo Op, by SueTLC
Face Painting, by SueTLC
Food & Drink, by SueTLC
Funny Lists: You might be a Harry Potter fan if..., by Lady Stratford
Kite Flying, by Lady Stratford
Lecture, by SueTLC
Live Music, by SueTLC
Magician, by SueTLC
Movie Showing, by SueTLC
Pony Rides, by SueTLC
Prizes, by SueTLC
Whatever Happened to Norbert?, by SueTLC

Advice & Suggestions

Candles & Candelabras, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Cauldrons, by Jennifer Ofenstein (ofenjen)
Harry Potter Halloween Party, submitted by Carla S.