Points FAQ

What are points?

Well, they're... points! Just like in the Harry Potter books. The house you choose upon signing up is the house for which you earn points when you do anything around Leaky or MyLeaky. Right now the set of actions that earn you points is smaller than it will be in the future.

What can I do to earn points?

Here are the actions that earn you points right now. The values are relative depending on what house you are in, depending on an algorithm that evens out any unfair advantages; the values below are general guidelines and NOT hard values.

Registering for MyLeaky: 25 points (these will be automatically given to you the first time you sign in).
Commenting on a news post: 2 points
Commenting on a Leaky blog: 2 points
Writing on a friend's parchment: 1 point
Making a friend: 1 point
Update your status: 1 point
Creating an event: 5 points
Creating a group: 5 points
RSVPing to an event: 2 points
Joining a group: 2 points
Adding a video: 6 points
Refer a friend to MyLeaky*: 20 points

In the future, not all point-gathering activities will be on the list - some will be surprises! And the point-gathering activities will be vastly expanded. We wanted to start out small, to test the function and make sure we're ready to bring it site-wide. Soon almost anything you do around the site will earn you and your house points.

We will also have challenges, scavenger hunts, and a lot more related to the gathering of points.

Sounds like too much to remember? Then don't remember it at all! By exploring and having fun with MyLeaky, you are earning points. We'll send you an owl when there's an important change.

*You can only earn these points by going through our friend-referral page, so that the friend you refer signs up with a special link, which will credit you with the referral. Go here to refer your friends!

Why should I earn points?

Do YOU want to be that member of Gryffindor who's bringing down the team average? We don't think so.

There will be rewards for the house that wins the cup, and for the highest point earners. It could be anything from being featured on our main page, to choosing something of a certain value from the Cauldron Shop. We'll keep you updated via Owls!

What about all the things I've been doing around Leaky over the years?

Points will soon be retroactive, meaning that you may find yourself with a point for every post you've ever made on the Leaky Lounge. We want to reward our most loyal members!

Isn't it unfair that some houses will automatically have more points because they have more people?

Perhaps; we're adjudicating the first few weeks of points to see if we should apply an algorithm to even the odds a bit.

I have ideas about the kinds of things that could get points!

Great! Please join the group I have ideas for MyLeaky. We read that like a suggestions thread and take everyone's ideas seriously.

I think someone's spamming to get points; how do I report this!

At the bottom of every page of MyLeaky you'll find a link that says, "Having a problem with MyLeaky? Click here to report a bug." One of the options is to report a spammer. Please give us all the information you can about the situation and one of our prefects will be on the case.

Please beware that if our prefects believe you to be spamming MyLeaky in order to get points, you could have your points docked, which would make your whole house very unhappy indeed!

This page will be updated frequently. With any questions please visit the link mentioned above and ask us! Happy point-earning!

Known Issues

Trying to set your Favorite Ship on your profile does not work for all browsers.
First reported Jan. 30th, 2009