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Money, Money, Money

Jan 19, 2008

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Money, Money, Money Does it Really Make the Wizarding World go Round? By You_Won’t_Know_Who You bet!!!! Money makes the world go around but, surprisingly enough, the individuals who talk openly about it are considered to have no manners and low social position. Is this a case of hypocrisy? I would call it, rather, precaution. Money …read more!

Time Marches On

Dec 17, 2007

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Time Marches On  By Professor Nigellus  “Time is Galleons, little brother.” 1 Fred Weasley said to Ron, explaining why he and George Apparated to the room below them. Percy used to do that to show off, soon after he obtained his license, but the twins did it because the time spent walking down the stairs, …read more!

Magical Creatures – Page Two

Dec 04, 2007

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Magical Creatures By Kelly Bohrer Page One | Page Two | Page Three Read the archived discussion on this essay here. Goblins Goblins are the first magical creatures Harry encounters when he first enters the wizarding world. They are short creatures with very long fingers and feet. Goblins are often underestimated and are looked down …read more!

The Harry Potter Timeline: What we know so far – Page Three

Dec 02, 2007

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The Harry Potter Timeline What we know so far By Steve Vander Ark Page One | Page Two | Page Three View archived discussions on this essay here. The Second Rise of Lord Voldemort/Harry Potter comes to Hogwarts—1991–1996 When Harry Potter, the boy of the prophecy, turns eleven, he rejoins the wizarding world. He starts …read more!

Report from OotP Train Exhibit in Switzerland


Nov 24, 2007

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As part of the world wide release of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD, Warner Bros has a special Hogwarts Express train exhibit featuring many costumes and props from the fifth Harry Potter movie. Last month this train was in France, today the exhibit was in Zurich, Switzerland. Thanks to TLC …read more!

Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak

Nov 24, 2007

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Nitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweak  A Muggle’s Musings About Life Through the Eyes of Albus Dumbledore  By Snitch2006  Life is often described as a journey; a road to be traveled; a path to be taken. It is the people and experiences along the way that help shape who we are and give us the courage to …read more!

Happy Birthday, Robert Hardy!


Oct 29, 2007

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Very Happy Birthday wishes go out today to actor Robert Hardy, who plays Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge in the Harry Potter films. Mr. Hardy celebrates his 82nd birthday today! Cheers!

A Slowly Simmering Potion

Oct 27, 2007

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A Slowly Simmering Potion In Defence of “Chamber of Secrets” By Wriggly_Wrackspurt “It’s just filler between One and Three.” “It’s a bit stale and predictable ’ just a repeat of Philosopher’s Stone.” “Nothing really spectacular happens.” Such are common complaints against Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ’ the second instalment in our much …read more!

The Half-Blood Squib

Oct 27, 2007

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The Half-Blood Squib Petunia’s Secret Revealed Theory by HPNutter Ghost-written by SeverineSnape “The best that can be said is that he has at least escaped the appalling damage you have inflicted upon the unfortunate boy sitting between you.“ Both Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon looked around instinctively, as though expecting to see someone other than …read more!

He Will Not Be Redeemed

Oct 09, 2007

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He Will Not Be Redeemed What Makes a Character Redeemable and How Does This Apply to Wormtail? By ILUVSB So there are people [¦] for whom redemption is not possible.1 Since I first read and subsequently reread and rereread all the Harry Potter books I have been thinking about the recurring themes, such as a …read more!

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