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PotterCast 39

Horcri hears a Jo

Release Date: May 15, 2006
Record Date:

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John pays the piper for his famous misnomer. In this show:

Show Notes:

- Jo has put the smackdown on John’s ‘Horcri,’ validating Melissa and Sue’s last half-year of shouts of disapproval. And now John’s having big trouble.

- Who else has made a horcrux? We discuss it in Canon Conundrums (John thinks it’s Dumbledore)

- Next Canon Conundrum: What is Bellatrix’s Lestrange’s relation to Voldemort and the main story? Leave your voicemails now at the regular numbers!

- The relevance of green in the books

- Is Snape the real Dark Lord?

- We’re just sayin’

- Flemland

- John and Sue’s world’s worst English accents

- Gaaaarp

- More on the second live NYC LeakyMug

- Modcast: Harry’s training in the past couple of books

- Time to dust off Mr. Blood

- ‘If anyone deserves a happy ending, it’s Voldemort’ (ie, the modcasters are mad)

- Waste not, want not!

- How did Tom know to ask Slughorn about Horcruxes?

- Lynching Snape

- PotterCast 40: A Celebration! – on the way.

- Keep an eye on PotterCast.com

Opening: 0:00 [Melissa Anelli]

Leaky Lowdown: 0:53 [Sue Upton, Melissa Anelli, John Noe]

Canon Conundrum Call-In (1): 20:07 [Callers]

Modcast: 23:01 [Jason Edwards, Kim M. Parker, Lori Damerell]

Canon Conundrum Call-In (2): 34:01 [Callers]

Canon Conundrum: 36:39 [John Noe, Melissa Anelli, Steve Vander Ark, Sue Upton]

Mailbag: 58:42 [Melissa Anelli, John Noe, Sue Upton]

Closing: 1:10:47 [Melissa Anelli, John Noe, Sue Upton]

Transcript for PC39

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