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PotterCast 19

Part 1 of the Live Call-In Show

Release Date: December 28, 2005
Record Date:

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Show Notes:

- PotterCast #19 is the first of two parts, bringing our fist-ever live call-in episode, where we answered Skype calls so we could directly answer our listeners’ questions. The sound quality is a bit different than usual, as we had to record it via one internet connection – so thanks for the patience! The second part will be out later in the week.

- A call all the way from Austria

- Someone PLEASE let Chipotle know about John’s free advertising

- Eddie Izzard for Fenrir? Jesse Martin for Kingsley? (Melissa says yes! – alas, he is American)

- Which HP character do the podcasters want to be?

- Mary Barbara – a.k.a MuggleCast’s Andrew Sims – ditches his family Christmas party to call in his first-ever PotterCast appearance

- Melissa’s family is quite thrilled that her fan club is called M.A.F.I.A. Really.

- John thinks Harry’s going to die. No. Yes. No. Yes. Maybe.

- Sue recalls her trip to Europe

- The PotterCast movie: Jason Isaacs plays Sue

- Harry/Ginny talk from one of the fandom’s most vocal R/H’ers

- Our least favorite HP books

- What do you call the child of a squib?

- The big queestion: Who’d win, Voldy or Vader?

- A nice H/H’er recounts her favorite parts of the film, and dishes on Emma’s Hermione

- Part Two Coming Soon!

Transcript for PC19

...is not yet available
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