We received a special email

Jun 26, 2001

Posted by: bkdelongTLC


We received a special email today from actor Warwick Davis who shed some light on the other goblins as well as the mystery of Verne Troyer:

Thanks for your email.

Yes, Mike Edmonds was a goblin, but he only wore a slip over mask. On the other hand, Rusty Goffe wore a full ‘prosthetic make-up’ which took several hours to apply.

Yes, Verne Troyer plays ‘Griphook’.

Can’t say much more than that, but keep in touch as the film’s opening draws closer.

Many thanks,

Warwick Davis

P.S. Since shooting the movie, I have become a ‘Harry Potter’ addict. I have just started the 3rd book and can’t put it down. I love ’em!

Verne Troyer (known for his role as Mini-Me in Austin Powers) will be playing 'Griphook the Goblin' in the upcoming Harry Potter movie.
Verne Troyer, confirmed as “Griphook the Goblin” in the upcoming Harry Potter movie

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