Jun 27, 2001

Posted by: bkdelongTLC


Trailer from AOL FINALLY AVAILABLE! It looks like a simple case of someone at AOL jumping the gun and getting scolded. Shortly after the trailer became available on the online service yesterday, it became unavailable. Seeing as people could download it a full day in advance of the original AOL launch date, we’re guessing that wasn’t supposed to happen. We finally have the correct link for the trailer, available on AOL as of this morning. So if you have the latest version of RealAudio, head to this link.

If the above version is fuzzy, it’s most likely due to the speed at which you are connecting to the Internet. If you want to see the trailer in it’s full-glory, sans-fuzziness, then I HIGHLY suggest downloading the trailer. It’s 10MB in size and will take quite a bit, but definitely worth it. To download the trailer, right-click on this link and choose “Save Target As” or “Save As”.

If anyone manages to come across where on AOL I can get the AOL Plus version of the trailer, please let me know

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