I reported this to Dark

May 23, 2002

Posted by: John Admin


I reported this to Dark Horizons roughly ten days ago (for most of you), I forgot to post it, but it’s details about another book-to-movie that could give “Harry” a run for his money:

A while back Miramax bought the rights to Eoin Cofler’s novel about a 12 year old criminal, and at a book signing of his this past weekend in Washington D.C, he was asked how the movie adaptation was going. According to one spectator: “His overall reply was that the movie has a director and stars that we will all recognize. He said that Cameron Diaz and Winona Ryder are NOT going to be in it! He only said that the Holly character will be played by an American female. He also said that Miramax will make an announcement about the film shortly (presumably cast+crew), with filming slated for a September start and a Summer ’03 release date in mind. He went on to say that it sticks closely to the book with some new scenes, and that the effects will be amazing”. Cofler is busy at work on the next book in the series – “Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code”.

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