Rupert – Just as Cool as Ron

Feb 28, 2003

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


BBC Newsround has posted a few of Rupert Grint’s message board comments from a chat on 21 February. Some highlights from Rupert, who goes by “Permlessboy”:

Permlessboy: It’s great to be back, I’ve had a great week off, except for my brother breaking his arm and me falling out of a canoe and almost drowning (lucky the river was only a foot deep!!!) …But I’ve now taken up yoyoing, but I’ve just hit my brothers bad arm while attempting a new trick!!!! So I’m on here now because I’m hiding from him in case he hits me on the head with his cast!!!!!!! I’m going now to have some ham. Rupert

I’m in year 10, I’m doing my GCSEs (groan). I don’t know who’s playing Cho Chang but I’m sure she’ll be Cho-charming ha ha!!!!

don’t_mess_wiv_da_best: OK, if you’re Rupert, I’m J:Lo

Permlessboy: Hi j-lo. Luv Rupert

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