GoF Set Report: Virginia Waters

Nov 29, 2004

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


Winkelgasse.net has managed to snag a report from the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire set during shooting at Virginia Waters for external shots of the second task. We’re told pictures are coming tomorrow.

“First of all we saw Barty Crouch (who was dressed as though he had stepped out of a Dickens novel), he was friendly and was looking at the crowd and liked the fans attention. … We also saw Emma Watson (who is always so happy and friendly to the fans), Tom Felton who was dressed in Navy and had a woolly hat, and we walked directly past Dan without realising until it was too late. … The third filming was of a big crowd (about 100 extras) of Hogwart school kids with Mad-Eye Moody walking in the middle of the crowd.”

There are some really great details over there, about the boats and Mad-Eye Moody and the lot. Thanks guys!

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