Mini-HBP Synopsis Circulating

Feb 26, 2005

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


We are aware that a snippet about HBP has been posted on MuggleNet andis making the rounds, purportedly from a catalog called Publishers Quality Library Service (which is a real catalog, just not the type of publication first news of the book is expected to show up in – for OotP it was in an actual Scholastic product, much different, and confirmation in itself as one of the editors had the book in her hands). As always, we treat it as a rumor until verification by an official source. (And if you have the publication, please scan the page in question and send it, or contact us.) Thanks for the patience. If you’d like to know what the snippet says, please click below. Thanks for all the emails; we never rush to post this stuff, hence the delay. Potential Spoiler Warning!
Mugglenet has a scan up but we’re still waiting to hear on the item’s origins. It is unlikely that it’s accurate.

Update from the Christopher Little Agency: “They can’t have seen a copy, so it must be in their imagination.

Update from Bloomsbury: “As far as we are aware Scholastic have not released any information about the book, so I think as with last time, this is one of many possible scams to come beteween now and July with people purporting to have advance information about the book.
With something huge revealed about Lily Potter, the truth about why Dumbledore trusts Snape, and a little romance for Harry, this promises to be one of his best years at Hogwarts yet.

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