New Goblet Set Report from HP4U

Apr 30, 2005

Posted by: SueTLC

Uncategorized has posted another set report from the Goblet of Fire filming earlier this year. While there are not too many spoilers, there is a fun mention of a “fluffy white ferret”(Yay!). Also, there is this more serious description of the graveyard set, and a quote from actor Robert Pattinson who plays Hufflepuff Champion Cedric Diggory:

Before the morning was up we got to visit Dumbledore’s study and gaze into the translucent silvered pensive bowl, wander through Mad Eye Moody’s classroom and stroll through the restricted section of the library. One of the biggest thrills was when everyone got to watch a bit of filming. All of the main cast youngsters and some of the adults were on set that day but visitors had been told they wouldn’t be able to see actual filming as it was pretty intense and also top secret. However to their great delight the assistant director said they could sneak into the graveyard to watch for a few moments. It was all so impressive and the Graveyard is vast, creepy and enchanted and soooo realistic. Every tombstone and stone coffin were hand covered in moss and lichen, mist swirled around the entrance to what one of the crew said was a charnel house. There were giant trees and bushes twisted into tortured shapes. Not a place anyone would want to be at night. Because the grass is real and the entire floor is sculpted and turfed it also smelled like you’d imagine a gloomy graveyard would. The heat from the lights and the amount of bodies (live ones) made the place so warm that steam was rising from the grass making the place seem even more scary.

The biggest surprise of the whole day had to be [as I stood shivering with excitement in the spooky place]. A very unwell looking Cedric Diggory came walking down to set. “Hi” he joked, “Sorry about my appearance. You’ve caught me on a dead day.”

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