Potter Soundtrack voted 16th of All Time Greatest

May 30, 2005

Posted by: SueTLC


Classic FM recently had listeners vote on the Greatest Movie Soundtrack of All Time. The results have been announced, and the soundtrack by John Williams for “Harry Potter” came in at number sixteen on the list of favorite soundtracks. The list did not specify which Potter film was chosen. The number one spot went to Howard Shore’s wonderful score for The Lord of the Rings. John William’s score for Star Wars was second. John Williams had a total of eight soundtracks listed in the top 40.
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Click below to see the entire list which was voted on by 44,000 listeners.
The Top 40

No.1 The Lord of the Rings

Composer: Howard Shore

No.2 Star Wars

Composer: John Williams

No.3 Gladiator

Composer: Hans Zimmer

No.4Schindler’s List

Composer: John Williams

No.5Out of Africa

Composer: John BarryMozart

No.6Dances with Wolves

Composer: John Barry

No.7The Mission

Composer: Ennio Morricone

No.8Lawrence of Arabia

Composer: Maurice Jarre

No.9Jurassic Park

Composer: John Williams

No.10Dr Zhivago

Composer: Maurice Jarre

No.11The Magnificent Seven

Composer: Elmer Bernstein

No.12Saving Private Ryan

Composer: John Williams

No.13The Piano

Composer: Michael Nyman

No.14The Big Country

Composer: Jerome Moross

No.15Dangerous Moonlight

Composer: Richard Addinsell

No.16Harry Potter

Composer: John Williams

No.17Ladies in Lavender

Composer: Nigel Hess


Composer: James Horner

No.19Gone with the Wind

Composer: Max Steiner


Composer: John Williams

No.21The Deer Hunter

Composer: Stanley Myers

No.22The Great Escape

Composer: Elmer Bernstein

No.23The English Patient

Composer: Gabriel Yared

No.24The Last of the Mohicans

Composer: Trevor Jones

No.25Brief Encounter

Composer: Rachmaninov

No.26The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Composer: Ennio Morricone


Composer: James Horner

No.28The Godfather

Composer: Nino Rota

No.29The Lion in Winter

Composer: John Barry

No.30Pirates of the Caribbean

Composer: Klaus Badelt

No.31Chariots of Fire

Composer: Vangelis

No.32The Dambusters

Composer: Eric Coates

No.33Indiana Jones

Composer: John Williams

No.34The Shawshank Redemption

Composer: Thomas NewmanMozart

No.35Somewhere in Time

Composer: John Barry

No.36The Merchant of Venice

Composer: Jocelyn Pook

No.37Once Upon a Time in the West

Composer: Ennio Morricone


Composer: John Williams

No.39Cinema Paradiso

Composer: Ennio Morricone

No.40633 Squadron

Composer: Ron Goodwin

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