Do Not Disturb Sign Gone from J.K. Rowling’s Office

Mar 31, 2006

Posted by: SueTLC


It looks like the door to Jo’s office is OPEN, as the usual Do Not Disturb sign is missing on Goodies await to those who can figure out how to get in there 🙂
Click “CONTINUED” and scroll down to get instructions on how to get in, if you don’t want to puzzle it out yourself.

-Click the eraser on Jo’s desk to get to the room
-There is a rock behind the plant on the table on the left; click and drag it over to the mirror.
-Release it over the mirror, and the mirror should break.
-Click and drag the gold key on the shelf into the door lock. The key will insert and spin.
-Go back to the shelves behind the broken mirror and click the note. The note that comes up will inform you that to move forward you must repair the mirror. To do this, type REPARO into the keyboard, and you will see the mirror repair itself. Close the note.
-Don’t worry about the mouse trap – it does nothing.
-In the reflection in the repaired mirror are three doors; click on the open door; it will close, and the real door will open.
-You will see Jo’s desk from a bird’s-eye view (the newspaper in front of the computer says “Harry Potter and Book Seven” or “Harry Potter and the e-Book Scam,” or SOMEthing, perhaps a clue, perhaps not!). On the desk is a graduation cap with a tassle pointing at about the 3 ‘o’ clock position on a standard clock.
-Click and drag the tassle to move it to point straight up (ie 12 o’clock); the graduation cap will move aside and you will see a test paper. Click it.
-You now have your WOMBAT test. Follow instructions, and save your code. We have no idea what we will be doing with these codes, but we gather it will be something fun in the near future.

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