Rumor Alert: More HBP Casting and Teaser Trailer Talk

Jun 30, 2008

Posted by: SueTLC


There are a few random pieces of cast news relating to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince today, as well as a rumor alert on another possible time frame for the release of a teaser trailer. First to the rumor: TLC has received multiple reports from people who work at theaters here in the US, including ones such as Regal Cinemas, that claim a “Half-Blood Prince” teaser trailer is due to be shown before the new Batman film, The Dark Knight when it opens nationwide on July 18. Please note, this possible date has long been floated about the internet, with the rumors increasing of course as the summer moves along and there has not yet been an official HBP trailer released. To add to this, there are also new reports that a clip or perhaps that Harry Potter montage that was shown last week in Amsterdam, is to be shown at the upcoming Comic-Con in San Diego the weekend of July 24-27 during the WB panel. As exciting as all of this is, please keep this very much in the rumor department for now, as we are working hard to confirm all of this and will update as we can.

In other news, our friends at emailed to let us know that Sky magazine in the UK has a very brief mention of a visit to the set of Half-Blood Prince. While there is no news in the short article regarding the actual film, there is a photo of Rupert Grint, who mentions again he has bought an ice cream truck, and a note about Emma Watson who apparently said she is interested in attending Cambridge University.

Also, an actor by the name of Rod Hunt has apparently been cast in the role of Death Eater Rowle for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” Again, these various casting reports we’ve heard over the past few months remain unconfirmed for the time being (and no guarantee they will make it to the final cut of the film), and we will update once WB releases the final cast list for the sixth Harry Potter film.

Finally, you can see new photos of Hero Tiffin Fiennes now online (the nephew of Lord Voldemort actor Ralph Fiennes) as he appears in a new film that screened recently at the Edinburgh International Film Festival called ““Bigga than Ben.” Please note, as there has been some confusion over this, these photos are most certainly NOT of the actor as he appears as Young Tom Riddle in HBP, but rather as he appears in his latest movie.

Thanks to all who emailed!

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