Fiennes on Voldemort: “A Rejected Person”

Oct 09, 2008

Posted by: SueTLC


Actor Ralph Fiennes has made some new remarks on the character he portrays in the Harry Potter films: Lord Voldemort. Speaking with Variety, Ralph Fiennes says that as an actor he developed some background of the Dark Lord before taking on the part several years ago (and several HP books) for the Goblet of Fire movie. The article notes the actor “worked hard to develop a convincing backstory for Lord Voldemort that would ring psychologically true, despite the fact that Fiennes is virtually unrecognizable in the role under layers of ghoulish makeup.” Quotage:

“I hesitated for a bit before committing to the role because it sort of requires you to personify evil, and I don’t know how you do that,” Fiennes says. “I latched onto what was maybe crude psychology in working out Voldemort’s obsession with Harry. Harry was loved by his parents, which Voldemort can’t stand. He is, of course, a rejected person. It’s quite basic: the rejected child who’s emotionally been denied affection turns violent. You have to suggest there’s more there, a life, a spirit, a mind. It isn’t just a creepy voice and makeup. I always think you can find more in something. It’s good to just keep asking questions until someone says cut.”

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