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Feb 03, 2011

Posted by: Josée~Madalia

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One of the idea behind that *wonderful* New Year resolution of mine (/sarcasm) was to allow myself to finish WIPs and UFOs I have, and to get my supplies organized by getting rid of the old and welcoming the new. Though this month I haven’t been very productive on the first front (I made one pillow and almost finished my Ravenclaw Bikini), I have gotten started on the second front by unmounting my stamp collection.

I have lots and lots of stamps, and yet I always seem to want to buy some more. Problem is I now have so many that I don’t remember exactly *what* I have, so when I want to make a card I end up forgetting I have what could be *the* perfect stamp for what I want to make. Same goes for many crafty things I own, obviously! But for stamps, I’ve decided to do the whole unmounting thing. For those who aren’t familiar with the process, you have to take your stamp, which is mounted on a wooden block, then pop it in the microwave for 6-8 seconds. That heats the glue, which allows you to pull the stamp off the wood mount. Once that’s done, you remove the sticker from the block and stick it to the back of the stamp, then trim it to size. You then add some Aileen’s Tack It Over and Over Again glue (diluted with water in a 2:1 ratio) on the sticker and let it dry. You can then stick your stamps on pages that you store together

There are actually loads of storing methods, but I decided to stick my stamps on transparency sheets which I then slip in transparent pocket folder thingies, which are themselves inserted in Plastic binder cases from Univenture. And to make sure I don’t mix up my stamps and whatnot, especially since I’m printing some information on the transparencies (the name of the set, the year it came out in, the number of stamps in the set, etc.) and creating a big index document that I can flip through to see a picture of all my stamps.

It’s a tall order, but the prospect of getting a few cupboards back in my house motivates me to no end!

Are you also cleaning out your crafty closets? What weird/fun/surprising discoveries have you made?

Crafty Witch Josée

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