New Harry Potter Kinect Video Game

May 25, 2012

Posted by: Catherine


Warner Bros. and Interactive Entertainment plan to release a Harry Potter game for xBox360’s interactive Kinect. The new Harry Potter game will encompas all eight movies/seven books of Harry’s journey. For the first time, players can join Harry in his quest to defeat Voldemort by playing different characters. Kinect allows you to duel using physical motion and audio recognition by yelling out the name of spells. Do to Kinects intelligent scanning technology, fans can even scan their own faces into the game and dual along side Harry as an animated version of themselves. This feature also allows fan’s to experience chosing a wand and getting sorted as their own personal character. GameZone reports:

Harry Potter for Kinect will engage Harry Potter fans old and new by bringing them into the wizarding world as truly active participants,” said Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President of Production and Development at Warner Bros. Interactive. “Kids and parents will enjoy recreating their favorite Harry Potter adventures, from flying a broomstick in a Quidditch match, to battling pixies and dueling other wizards.”

A teaser trailer for the game has also been released, which can be viewed below:

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