Happy Birthday, Mr. Ollivander!

Sep 25, 2015

Posted by: Alysha McLeod

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Today we celebrate Garrick Ollivander’s birthday. Though his exact birth year is uncertain, it seems that he is (or would be) roughly 96 years of age today.

Mr. Ollivander is best known as the proprietor of Ollivander’s Wand Shop in Diagon Alley. He descends from a long line of wand-makers, and is widely regarded as the best at his craft. Witches and Wizards flock to his shop from all over the globe to procure wands.

It is no surprise that sage Ollivander was sorted into Ravenclaw house during his time at Hogwarts. Known for his intelligence and remarkable memory, he can recall the details of every wand he has ever sold. He spends his time consumed by wandlore, and to that end he is also known for being rather quirky.

Ollivander’s extensive knowledge of wands and wandlore was coveted by Lord Voldemort, who ordered his kidnapping and subsequent confinement at Malfoy Manor during the Second Wizarding War. There, he was forced to make a wand for Peter Pettigrew, and was tortured and interrogated by Lord Voldemort about the twin cores of Harry’s wand and his own. He was also forced to provide his knowledge about the Elder Wand.

Luna Lovegood was a prisoner at Malfoy Manor at the same time, and she and Ollivander became friends during their imprisonment. After Dobby helped the prisoners escape to Bill and Fleur Weasley’s home, Shell cottage, Ollivander told Luna that she was an “inexpressible comfort” to him during their ordeal. Perhaps Ollivander found in Luna a kindred spirit, as she is also known for her quirkiness. After the war, Ollivander created a new wand for Luna as a token of friendship.

Since we do not know what became of Mr. Ollivander much past the end of the Second Wizarding War, and since magical folk can live remarkably long lives, let us imagine that he is still puttering around his dusty, beloved shop, passing his days with the work he adores.


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