Pottercast Episode 294: Much Ado About (Cursed Child) Branding

Sep 16, 2019

Posted by: Kim McChesney

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Episode 294 of Pottercast has arrived! Just five more episodes to squeeze in before the 10th Anniversary of Leakycon where Melissa, John and Frak will be there via Portkey LIVE to record number 300 in Boston together!

294 covers the new Harry Potter and the Cursed Child branding, a seriously advanced course on the Sorting Hat, supposition on how in the Wizarding World anyone even knew about Harry’s scar (have you ever thought about it?) and even a little Potter/His Dark Materials mashup.

To kick off the episode Melissa has a chat with Leaky’s own senior editor, Emma, about the events that went down last week surrounding the big reveal of Cursed Child’s new look and all of the “brew”haha leading up to it. Emma also shares the news that she and a few other Leaky editors will join Melissa and John at a Leakycon panel in Boston to talk about the site. Join us!


The trio move into Sorting after the news update, but ease in from some wizard tech talk. Have you ever wondered what might happen if you took a wizard into an Apple Store? Whether you have or not, this show’s for you. We know Arthur Weasley would tune in if only to hear Frak say,

“Dad, your Patronus is so embarrassing. I’ll just text him.”

Next John gives a masterclass on Sorting that’s not to be missed. Do you know what magical artifact determines who gets a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter or which Ravenclaw was a Death Eater? What about how the Founders created the Hat? Could there be a version of a 90’s sitcom that might help you visualize what goes on in that magical talking topper? Stay tuned to find out that and MUCH more.


Next Kylie and Sam from Mischief Management take over for Mischief Corner to explore why in the Wizarding World it is that ANYONE ever knew about Harry’s scar, (Hagrid) and what McGonagall was doing on Privet Drive that day in the first place.


The episode wraps up with a great Potter/His Dark Materials crossover discussion not to be missed! Though if you know nothing of Philip Pullman’s dæmons, pick up a quick copy of The Golden Compass and join the discussion! Listen to the full Pottercast 294 below and start counting down to 300 at Leakycon10!

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