Weekly Round-Up: Daniel Radcliffe to Feature in Documentary About Richard Harris, Alexandre Desplat on the ‘Little Women’ Score, & More!

Dec 15, 2019

Posted by: Kim McChesney

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What a week in the Wizarding World! As awards season kicked off multiple Harry Potter alumni were recognized with awards and nominations, J.K. Rowling’s infamous handwritten sneak peek at Order of the Phoenix went up for auction again, we reviewed Geek Gear’s latest Wizardry box and attended the Wizarding World Gold Christmas Party at Warner Bros Studio Tour London. As if that wasn’t magical enough, J.K. Rowling and Eddie Redmayne had a mini reunion at the HBO premiere of the upcoming documentary on her children’s charity Lumos and we had a spot on the blue carpet for the Ripple of Hope Awards Gala, where J.K. Rowling was honored as one of this year’s RFK Human Rights laureates.

This week in our Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Round-Up TV and film trailers for Daniel Radcliffe including a documentary on Richard Harris, a whimsical look inside Emma Watson’s bag on Vogue Video, a release date for The Flash starring Ezra Miller, more award nominations for Helena Bonham Carter in the The Crown and Harry Potter costume designer Jany Temime talks designing for Judy and composer Alexandre Desplat on the score for Little Women, starring Emma Watson.

First off, however, join us in congratulating Fantastic Beasts star, Claudia Kim (Nagini), on her recent marriage in Seoul!

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Daniel Radcliffe on the Big and Small Screen, Plus Richard Harris Documentary In the Works

Daniel Radcliffe has never been lacking in projects since his days as The Boy Who Lived and the coming year is no different. In 2020 fans will be able to see him again on TV in season two of TBS anthology Miracle Workers. The second installment has been deemed Dark Ages where Radcliffe will trade in his wand for a crown as a medieval king. Take a look at the hilarious first trailer for the 10- episode series that airs Tuesdays at 10:30pm ET beginning January 28 on TBS.

Radcliffe takes a more serious turn on the big screen this year when he stars in the upcoming drama thriller Escape from Pretoria. The film is based on the true story of anti-apartheid activist Tim Jenkins’ 1979 attempt to break out of a maximum security prison in South Africa. The real life Jenkin was sentenced to 12 years in prison but made a set of wooden keys for the steel doors using a device he made from a broom handle and mirror he had hidden in his cell to free he and his neighbor Stephen Lee. Yes, you read that correctly and we did not say Malfoy Manor.

The film also stars Ian Hart who Potter fans know as Professor Quirinus Quirrell. Hart plays another prison mate Denis Goldberg, who according to his book, A Life for Freedom, helped create the escape plan. Harry and Quirrell allies? We might have to see that for ourselves to believe it. Check out the first dramatic trailer below for Escape from Pretoria which opens in U.K. theaters March 6, 2020. No word on a U.S. release date yet.

The last project up for Radcliffe this week is a special on for Potter fans. He will appear in an upcoming documentary on the life of the late Richard Harris, the award-winning actor who first brought Albus Dumbledore to life on screen until he passed away in 2002.

See the preview of the documentary, Fear darb ainm Harris (A Man Named Harris) below which airs on Irish TV TG4 9:30p New Year’s Day. We’ll keep you posted on a wider release for the program.

Emma Watson’s Favorite Things

The actress who played the Brightest Witch of Her Age, Emma Watson, has taken on some weighty issues since her days in the Harry Potter films. She has become a prominent voice for gender equality as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and Times Up activist, attending the G7 Summit and interviewing others who support the effort like Dr. Denis Mukwege and his work treating survivors of sexual violence. This week, however, fans got to see the lighter side of Watson when Vogue captured her revealing the mysteries hidden inside her handbag. Take a look at the Vogue Video to see why her friends call her “the bag lady”! We’re guessing Pop Rocks got a big holiday boost in sales this week!

A Release Date for Ezra Miller’s The Flash


Ezra Miller, Fantastic Beasts Credence Barebone, and presumably doubling as Aurelius Dumbledore, also suits out as DC’s fastest man alive The Flash. Earlier this year we reported that Andy Muschietti was confirmed to direct the stand alone speedster film. This week THR reported that Warner Bros has finally given the project a release date of July 1, 2022. Potter fans will have plenty of Ezra Miller to enjoy in theaters that year with Fantastic Beasts 3 premiering seven months before. We may even know who Aurelius Dumbledore really is by the time we see the Scarlet Speedster in action on the big screen.

More Award Nominations for Helena Bonham Carter


Helena Bonham Carter, the acclaimed British actress known in the Potterverse as Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange, has received rave reviews for her performance as the next iteration of Princess Margaret in season three of Netflix The Crown. Earlier this week she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the role by the Golden Globes and Critic Choice Awards. She followed up that recognition later this week with a Screen Actors Guild nomination. This is her 8th Golden Globes nomination without a win to date. We will be keeping an eye on our Bellatrix throughout awards season and bring you all the latest updates. Congratulations again to Helena Bonham Carter!

The full list of SAG nominations can be found on CNN.

Harry Potter Costume Designer Jany Temime on Creating for Judy


Jany Temime,the design genius behind all of the Harry Potter film costumes, is in the spotlight this year for her work in the 2019 acclaimed biopic Judy. The film stars Renee Zellwenger with Michael Gambon, Albus Dumbledore in the role of Bernard Delfont, the Russian owner of the London nightclub Talk of the Town where Judy Garland performed in her later years.

Temime talked with Variety this week about designing costumes based on Garland’s wardrobe as opposed to using replicas,

“She loved clothes. She has been working with the best designers in the world from the moment she entered Hollywood,’ explains Temime. “She was a woman with a huge fashion background. She’s a performer who wore the right thing to give the right impression.”

She goes on to discuss how the clothes fit into the story,

“You open the film with an image of strength. She’s in the shit, but she’s a strong woman,” says Temime, who dressed Garland in a bright orange pantsuit. “I wanted to use color in the beginning,” Temime says of the vibrant hue. “I thought green would be such great contrast. I used color [a lot] for her. It’s almost like the clothes are armor for her. By the end, those colors fade. She can’t afford her armor and the colors all fade by the end. It’s symbolic.”

Temime has been nominated for a British Independent Film Award for Best Costume Design for Judy. We’ve got our fingers crossed that she’s on the list of Oscar nominations when they are announced January 7.

Alexandre Desplat on the Little Women Score


Most Harry Potter fans might be excited for the Little Women film this year due to Emma Watson’s presence in the movie, but another Harry Potter film legend is also involved! Alexandre Desplat, composer of both parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, also composed the Little Women film score, and spoke to Variety about creating the score in a recent interview.

Saying the music was intended to be “a duet of Mozart and Bowie”, Desplat worked with writer-director Greta Gerwig to create a “modern sense of urgency” in the score, as Variety’s Tim Gray describes it, rather than actual moments of rock.

He says on the style of the score:

“I tried to work with a restrained orchestration, such as two pianos, and a limited amount of musicians,” he says. “The structure of the film is so smart, I wanted the music to be different: changing chords, changing rhythm.

“Mozart for me is the No. 1 composer. His music is not just joy or sadness. It’s deep emotion with a touch of lightness, which is the most difficult thing to do. [Laughs] I’m not saying I’m Mozart! But his beauty is what you aim at.”

Going on to discuss how he uses visuals in the film to inspire his work, Desplat shares moments that especially inspire the score. Read the full interview here.

That’s the end of our Actors updates for this week! We hope you’re enjoying the holiday season and we’ll see you back here next time. Catch last week’s round-up here, and our awards round-up here.

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