The Harry Potter Alliance Launches Spring Fundraiser

Mar 13, 2020

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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 The Harry Potter Alliance have officially launched their spring fundraiserThey’re hoping to reach their target of $20K in order to power the next five weeks of Granger 2020, and continue to support HPA chapters and Wizard Activist School.
We got the low-down on the Granger 2020 campaign in an interview with The Harry Potter Alliance’s director, Katie Bowers, and learnt more about their efforts to mobilize and empower voters this election cycle. On top of supporting the activism of global chapters of wizard activists, and producing countless educational resources for those hoping to make a difference, it’s fair to say The Harry Potter Alliance are doing some good in the world, living according to the wise words of Hermione Granger!
Want to help the efforts of The Harry Potter Alliance? Join their fundraising team by signing up on the main fundraiser page and setting up your own personal fundraiser in just a few clicks. Whether you raise $50 or $5000, you’ll be making a huge difference to their work.

For tips on fundraising strategies, visit the HPA’s toolkit, sharing some case studies and information on what makes an effective fundraiser.

Another exciting opportunity, fostering a sense of House Pride, is the chance to join your Hogwarts House teams and fundraise your House to victory – Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are currently leading the way, so if you want to secure your House’s place at the top of the leaderboard, get fundraising! (If you’ve ever been to LeakyCon, you know these things get highly competitive, so we definitely suggest getting involved in the fun!)

Whilst the spring campaign is more about the activism than the perks, there are a few fundraising perks available, including Granger 2020 apparel. The full reward bundle is available to anyone who raises or donates at least $300, and includes the new ‘Put Witches in the White House’ t-shirt, ‘Nothing is Impossible’ lounge pants, Hermione shield pin, and Granger 2020 sticker!

The Harry Potter Alliance wants to engage 10,000 voters, and register thousands of new voters – every $5 raised provides educational resources to one newly registered voter, and reaching the $20,000 goal will help The Harry Potter Alliance take action on the issues that matter to them most.

What are you waiting for? Donate, set up your own fundraiser, and join your House fundraising team here!

Granger 2020 title-card

(Read our interview with Katie Bowers on the Granger 2020 campaign here) 

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