Beautiful Thai ‘Harry Potter’ 20th Anniversary Edition Covers Revealed!

Apr 06, 2020

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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New 20th Anniversary cover editions are now available to preorder via Nanmeebooks. These Thai editions are absolutely glorious, so we wanted to show them off!

The covers are incredibly detailed. With cover artwork by artist Apolar, who said this is “a dream come true” via their Facebook page. Preorder via Thai booksellers Nanmeebooks at this link early to get a free tote bag.

Sadly it appears these books are only available in Thailand and in Thai language, but we love the covers so much!

Take a look at them below:


We love the hidden details in this Philosopher’s Stone cover – look at how modern the Hogwarts Express is, and how adorable Norbert/Norberta is at the top of the castle!


This Chamber of Secrets cover shows Tom Riddle on the cover, as well as Dobby looking absolutely adorable!


This Prisoner of Azkaban cover is one of my favorites – the Stag Patronus, the Monster Book of Monsters, the detail on Buckbeak – it’s beautiful!


The Dark Mark at the centre of this Goblet of Fire cover shows a definite shift in the books to darker themes, and the amount of wands in this cover is fantastic! Each of these covers really tells a story, and the artist has spared no time in including all small details – Winky is even in this one (top right), as well as a Blast-Ended Skrewt!


The Death Eater masks, Tonks, 10 Grimmauld Place, Umbridge looking particularly froggy, Fred and George’s triumphant last day at Hogwarts, and Harry on a thestral – this Order of the Phoenix cover is wonderful.


We love seeing Ginny and Fawkes in this Half Blood Prince cover. The Inferi at the bottom are terrifying, and Dumbledore definitely looks more solemn. We love that the artist included young Tom Riddle, the locket, and a vial of Felix Felicis, as well as a Dark Mark taking over Hogwarts!



Apolar really pulled out all the stops for Deathly Hallows – Harry, Hermione and Ron unite on the cover, along with Hagrid carrying Harry, Voldemort (for the first time) on the cover, and all the Deathly Hallows, with the Golden Snitch front and centre. All the Hogwarts house mascots are above the trio, too, each carrying their respective Horcrux. Nagini is also sliding past the title.

A special edition boxsets (both hardback and paperback) will be available with 8 giant postcards, and a beautiful case that opens out into another work of art. The hardcover boxset also comes with a special hanging decoration.


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Read more over at NanmeeBooks here, and let us know what you think of these covers. We’re sure you’ll love spotting all the details as much as us!

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