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Boston Globe Examines Relationship Between Harry Potter and Religion

Aug 19, 2009

Posted by: EdwardTLC

HP References

The Boston Globe has published a lengthy article regarding the growing acceptance of the Harry Potter books among the religious communities and scholars. Citing the advancing moderate views by a number of religious scholars and theologians, the article relates their argument that the Harry Potter books “contain positive ethical messages and a narrative arc that …read more!

Who Cast the Owl Crop Circle Spell?

Aug 17, 2009

Posted by: SueTLC

HP References

There is a rather offbeat yet fun Harry Potter reference in the news today as there is a report that a giant owl crop-circle has appeared in a field in England as a tribute to the late pet of Harry, Hedwig. The Telegraph reports that a new series of mysterious crop-circles (patterns cut in farmers …read more!

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