1 large, round cake
1 large bowl of butter icing
Candies of your choice for embellishment


Bake your cake in a large round cake tin and leave it to cool completely.

Cut a hole in the middle of your cake, large enough to be shaped into your snake's head.

Cut the "O" shaped cake that remains into two semi circular shaped pieces.

Arrange the three pieces on a surface in a snake shape.

Trim and shape the snake to make it more realistic looking.

Cutting the cake to form a snake.

Make a big bowl of butter icing in the color you would like your snake, remembering that you will need quite a lot to cover the top and sides of the snake.

Making & coloring the butter icing.

Cover your snake with the icing.

Author's Note: I found it helps if you place the icing on the edge of the snake's body and allow it to run down the sides as it is tricky trying to slap the icing straight onto the sides.

Decorate your snake with whatever candy embellishments you like.


Final Product

Snake Cake


Rosie Riot's tutorial was taken with permission from Cut Out + Keep.

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