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Apr 16, 2001

Posted by: bkdelongTLC


A reader emailed us this article from a few years ago from the Evening Standard about Alfred “Alfie” Enoch, rumored to be playing Dean Thomas in Harry Potter. Enoch is son of William Russell [Enoch] known for his role as Ian Chesterton in the Dr. Who series.

With a voice as clear as a bell and confidence sky-high, 10-year-old Alfred Enoch is taking to the stage of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre as if to the manner born, which arguably he is. The son of actor William Russell, who made his Globe debut two years ago as the King of France in Henry V, was making his own debut there at the weekend.

He has a key role in The Ballad of Salomon Pavey as a member of the National Youth Music Theatre. It’s the first youth theatre to appear at the Globe and marks the opening of its education season. The piece could hardly have a more appropriate setting and its arrival fulfils the wish of the late founding father of the Globe, Sam Wanamaker.

A musical play by NYMT artistic director Jeremy James Taylor, it is about the Elizabethan boy actors of the Chapel Royal and in particular about one of them, Salomon Pavey, in whose memory Ben Jonson wrote his Elegy on the Death of a Child Actor.

‘I play Kit Webster, one of the boys who makes friends with Salomon Pavey,’ explained Alfred, who gets his dark good looks from his Brazilian doctor-mother, ‘and I end the play by speaking the elegy.’

He promptly leapt on to the stage and delivered it, word-perfect and clear as could be. Even his father was impressed – because he remembers only too well how ‘very different’ the unique demands of the Globe are from an actor’s usual experience.

So was this how young Alfred saw himself 10 years from now, pursuing a career on the stage? ‘Definitely,’ he said. No more to be said.

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