It seems several astute readers

Jun 28, 2001

Posted by: bkdelongTLC


It seems several astute readers have pointed out to us that in the picture of Argus Filch with Hermione and Draco also has Ron appearing. If you recall, the book states that Ron was in the Hospital Wing recovering from a bite made by Norbert when Hermione and Harry went to drop Norbert off with Charlie Weasley, only to bump into Neville and Draco on the way down and getting caught by McGonagall….who sentenced them to detention.

Another discrepancy is the Snitch. In the new trailer, Harry takes it out and we see it fly out of his hand. In the book, Oliver Wood says it’s too dark to bring it out and they might loose it. Hopefully they will only let it fly for a bit before they pick it up and put it back.

So what’s going on? I’m guessing since it’s a movie….we’ll lose a lot of nights and days and things will be compressed. The process of translating a book to a movie REQUIRES that things be changed…otherwise it could be very expensive and quite long. I’m “preparing” myself mentally to not be disappointed with any changes or minor discrepancies in translating the book to film otherwise I could be miserable and I really want to enjoy the film for what it is…or will be.

Here’s a great little post to the HPforGrownUps list from Amanda Lewanski about the First Trailer, who sums it up nicely:

For all of you out there who have memorized the book, and are going crazy trying to place the now-infamous “Screaming Scene” from the trailer–I have a therapy program!

Amanda’s Pre-Release Movie Letdown Avoidance Therapy for Potter Obsessives

  1. Become familiar with the following definitions:
    • “adapt” — to make fit (as for a specific or new use) often by modification
    • “adaptation” — something that is adapted: specif. a composition rewritten into a new form.

    Repeat these definitions aloud until you can say “modification” and “rewritten” without choking, coughing, gagging, passing out, or other generally negative reactions.

  2. Go to the various HP sites, and follow links to various JKR, screenwriter, etc., interviews, and read again how they are encouraging her input, trying to remain true to her vision, etc.
  3. Realize that JKR’s vision is a broad one, not necessarily confined to the specific words in the book, no matter how we might have our favorite lines.
  4. Watch the trailer again (or stills, for those of you like me who have computer imps who delight in confounding you), and soak up the atmosphere. Realize that in the face of most of our experience with movie adaptations, they seem to have accurately caught the “feel” of the world and the character of its inhabitants.
  5. Remember that the special effects are being done by some of the finest effects people on the planet.
  6. Remember that the cast is, unbelievably, talented enough to keep the focus on THEM and not on the special effects.

Okay, are you calmed down now? Because without a doubt there will be major things that have been altered. I’m certain the screaming scene is either the troll or Fluffy, and we all know they’re dressed wrong. So what? Some changes must be made for an adaptation to screen. Plot devices are compressed, some things are left out, etc. Because the goal is a film that can translate the STORY told in the book, not the book itself.

I’m approaching the film as a version of a story I love, and I’m not too worried. I do understand that quality pieces (actors, effects, music, etc.) do not necessarily make a quality whole, but JKR’s involvement, and now the trailer, seems to indicate that this is going to be really good.

Speaking of Fluffy, if you compare the “scream shot” in the first trailer to the “Fluffy shot” in the second, as opposed to the “troll shot“, you’ll notice Ron, Hermione and Harry are in the same positions for both shots…so the screaming scene IS Fluffy.

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