Entertainment Rewired, the site that

Oct 31, 2001

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


Entertainment Rewired, the site that brought us the review back in May everyone thought was bogus, has posted another review, from another theater worker. More Pod race comparisons, more crazy praise for the film. Man, to be an usher right now.

Quotage – another Snape bonanza:
First of all, the young actors are terrific. And the actor who deserves the most adulation for character portrayal goes to Alan Rickman for Professor Snape. There’s no doubt about it, he was BORN to play the part. Honestly, it is almost haunting how he can play the character so well. I was honestly creeped. At first I thought he was Voldemort (keep in mind, I hadn’t read the book yet), because he seemed so evil.
About the “new” scene:
There are even a few new scenes in there that I’m rather curious about. They’re very small, and again, I didn’t notice any difference until I read the book. They deal a lot about Harry and his parent’s, and about Voldemort I would assume.
He goes on to say that the movie makes Star Wars look bad. Any other takers? Thanks to Jordan for the link.

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